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What are you not noticing?

  I ran into a friend the other day who was off on a white water rafting trip. It wasn’t her first, she loves it. “I feel so alive, the cold water, the air, the rapids, so in the moment!” she said. I realized this was her mindfulness practice. Her place to feel fully present,

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Waking Up with Mindfulness

    The purpose of this mindfulness practice is to wake up in the world. But what exactly does that mean? Being aware of what is happening, as it is happening. Why is this so important? Because so much of our life is done on auto-pilot, that people find that when they slow down and

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Personalized Mindfulness

  Have you ever practiced mindfulness and found it difficult? Join the rest of the world.  Have you told yourself you’re just not cut out for this, or your mind is just too full to be mindful? I have found over time that there are many, many ways to practice becoming present to your life

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The Gift of Mindfulness

“ This time of year seems to be a busy time. There are many time-management tools to use to manage time such as planning, scheduling, getting up early and prioritizing. But how do we step away from simply ‘managing our time’ as a full-time job. We’re so busy managing our busyness, it makes me dizzy.

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New Fall Class…

Good Morning!   I hope you have enjoyed your summer break and have practiced mindfulness every day! If you need a tune-up or are just beginning, I am excited to start up with teaching again. I have a really special class for people who struggle with anxiety, which seems to be most of us. The

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Who are you feeding?

    Good Morning Dear Friends,    Many people live with a battle. A battle inside their heads. I know I have… it’s like two warring sides. One is chewing over something bothersome, stressful and negative, and the other is so joyful, happy and grateful for all that life brings. It can be crazy-making. Our

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What Happens When You Give up Blame?

  Mad at your boss and you kick the dog? Upset at a friend and yell at your kids? Hurt by a boyfriend and drive too fast? These are all examples of mis-directed anger and blame. Mindlessness vs. Mindfulness. I see it all over our world right now. The world needs peace right now more

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The Truth about Letting Go..

      Have you ever been told to “just let it go”? And have you turned towards yourself and wagged your finger, scolding yourself to “let it go now, like right now”. And has it worked?  Things cling to us when there is something at stake. Usually this comes in the form of an

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Simple Practices to Shift Your Busy Day

    The other day I was wrapped up in a to-do list, running from task to task to ‘get things done’ so I could get to the stuff that I enjoy doing. It dawned on me… how much of our life is spent like this? Literally running from point A to point B to

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Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work…….

      Mindfulness lets us see through the stories we are believing, know that they are stories, and know that there is another way…..   Dear Friends,   Has anyone ever told you to “just think positive”, or “only focus on the good” like the problem is that you just can’t see the good?

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