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Embracing the contradictions…

  I smoked as a teenager. This in itself is not an interesting fact, but whenever I lit one up, out of view of my parents’ eye, inevitably someone would comment “You don’t look like a smoker”. I was never quite sure how to receive this, as a compliment or a judgement? But I came

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Letting Go, Uncertainty and earthquakes

Last week I sat in my office as a therapist for the last time. After over 25 years of counselling, I officially closed my practice. That makes my heart jump even as I write it as it will take some time to really sink in. After all, we get wired to keep doing what we

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Kai… what? Small change for big results

  I’ve recently been taking a course about Ayurveda, which is a sister-science to Yoga. Check it out here: Align and Thrive. I thought it was going to be about food and health, and it is, but what I discovered was something far more valuable: Kaizen: a Japanese term for slow, continuous improvement. It’s frequently

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Running and Life, and When you Should Lie to Yourself

  “I hate hills” is a pretty common statement I hear from runners, and one I heard myself saying on a recent run. It may be a fact, but it’s also a fact that when I believe that thought, I send a cascade of stress hormones through my body as my body resists, contracts, gets

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