Workshops and Courses

My newest course The Expansion Blueprint begins again February 6th, 2024. Find out more here:


The Alive Empath Package

The Alive Empath is a 6-month course for sensitive, wholehearted women to move from chronic pain and anxiety to feeling full and strong. The perfect blend of science and effective tools to set boundaries, end people-pleasing and bring your gifts into the world. This course comes with bonus course The Empath Sanctuary and a video resource library for empaths. Everything an empath needs to survive and thrive in this complex world. Contact me to find out more

Fear to Freedom

Fear to Freedom is a 5 week online course in mindfulness for anxiety to help you lift above the many forms that fear takes. The course is self-directed and you get weekly video lessons and daily meditations to help you see through fear once and for all. The videos cover key aspects of healing anxiety such a thoughts, breath and embodiment.

Good Girl to Good Enough Online Retreat

Difficulty setting boundaries and standing firm? Always feel you're "behind", but not sure behind what? Never feel like you're "there"? Fit enough, smart enough, whatever enough... just "enough"? This is a workshop for women to realize their truth worth and move through what holds you back, keeps you small, and realize your true power and potential. No retreats currently scheduled.

Lifting Above Shame is a 5-week online course designed to help you shift beyond the beliefs and stuckness of shame into who you truly are, who you always have been before the world told you who to be. Presently closed.

Empath Sanctuary (2)

This course is available online as part of The Alive Empath Package

Empath Sanctuary is a 3-month course where you receive weekly classes on healing, rising and thriving as an empath. You will learn skills such as setting clear boundaries, releasing old patterns that are serving you and stepping up, being seen and finding your power as a sensitive soul.

An 8-Week Class on Emotional Healing with Chronic Pain

This class was delivered for the Bill Nelems Pain and Research Centre as an 8-week course on emotional awareness and expression to help heal underlying factors and causes contributing to persistent pain.

Pain Sense

This class is currently closed

In this 4-week class you will learn the science of why your pain persists,  tools for turning down the pain dial and how to move safely again.  Please call or email for next start date and registration.

Mindfulness For Stress And Anxiety

This 6 week class is a combination of mindfulness, breathing and gentle movement to learn about anxiety and an introduction to mindfulness practices that can help you to move through fear to freedom.

It is held in a yoga studio where we supply mats and all the props you need to stay comfy. You just need to bring yourself!

Breathe To Heal

A 10 minute breathing practice everyday can change your life. In this 90-min workshop we re-learn how to breathe more fully, relax our bodies and minds and transform our nervous systems to move from anxiety to calm.

You can find many more of my webinars and videos on pain, anxiety and healing,  interviews with pain experts from around the world and so much more on my Youtube channel: Click here