Workshops and Courses

The Alive Empath Membership Group

This is a membership group for highly sensitive people to learn, grow and support each other in healing to reclaim your power. This group is currently closed, but the doors will open again in January, 2022.

Lifting Above Shame

Lifting Above Shame is a 5-week online course designed to help you shift beyond the beliefs and stuckness of shame into who you truly are, who you always have been before the world told you who to be. Presently closed.

Past and Currently Running Courses

Empath Sanctuary (2)

This course is presently closed

Empath Sanctuary is a 3-month course where you receive weekly classes on healing, rising and thriving as an empath. You will learn skills such as setting clear boundaries, releasing old patterns that are serving you and stepping up, being seen and finding your power as a sensitive soul.

Fear to Freedom

Fear to Freedom is a 5 week online course in mindfulness for anxiety. Currently it is available for $99 given our times of high anxiety. Click on the link above for the complete course outline.

Yoga has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression. In this class we will learn and practice tools from yoga specifically to manage symptoms of anxiety.  

Learn simple breathing techniques to calm and centre a busy mind, movement to release and relax and mindfulness to observe and detach from anxious thought patterns. 

No experience is necessary and everyone can benefit from less stress and more calm, focus and presence. 

Register by email at



“The world will ask you who you are and if you don’t know, it will tell you.” Carl Yung

I am very excited to offer this new 8-week class for women.

We will move, breathe, release, relax and discuss our way to the clarity of the authentic self. Yes, you have one!

Each week has a theme that I will guide you through and offer practices to bring to yourself and your life.

You just need yourself, a sense of humour, comfy clothes and a journal and pen. 

Contact me for more information or to register.

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Pain Sense

This class is currently closed

In this 4-week class you will learn the science of why your pain persists,  tools for turning down the pain dial and how to move safely again.  Please call or email for next start date and registration.

Mindfulness For Stress And Anxiety

This 6 week class is a combination of mindfulness, breathing and gentle movement to learn about anxiety and an introduction to mindfulness practices that can help you to move through fear to freedom.

It is held in a yoga studio where we supply mats and all the props you need to stay comfy. You just need to bring yourself!

Breathe To Heal

A 10 minute breathing practice everyday can change your life. In this 90-min workshop we re-learn how to breathe more fully, relax our bodies and minds and transform our nervous systems to move from anxiety to calm.