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Lioness Training is Open! This round begins August 8th.

This is a course like no other. 

Call in a new template of powerful presence, confidence and courage as you learn nervous system awareness, find your voice and take up your own space. 

Creating boundaries and saying no without embodiment means nothing. 

It’s not what you say anymore, it’s the energy you emit. 

Learn to walk, prowl, roar and sleep like the Lioness that you are. 

If you have tried so many things, are exhausted and worried, have depression or a chronic condition, maybe it’s time to inhabit your own unique expression here on the planet. 

These times are calling for something new. 

Join the new template for women. 

Become a Lioness.  More info here.


A-lioned to Love Super Sessions 

A membership group that meets weekly on Tuesdays at 11am PST.

Let go of trying to prove yourself or pleas others when you learn to embrace the human that you are in this weekly gathering of like-minded souls. 

Finally have the courage to be who you are, because anything else will not do, and is in fact the cause of your stress.

  • Finally feel free to be you
  • No more hiding, worrying, trying to be nice or good
  • Embrace the truth of who you are
  • Love yourself, finally and completely in a real way

The journey of a lifetime is being who you are in a world that tells you to be anything but. 

And it’s not as hard or scary as you think. In fact, when you give yourself permission to be yourself, you will find yourself in a state of ease, calm and confidence. 

You are love. I want you to experience this in your lifetime. 

Not through tactics or tools, but by giving yourself permission and allowing. Allow your true self, and you will allow all the abundance and love that comes with it to ‘magically’ enter your life. 

This is my calling, and if it is calling to you, it’s yours as well. 

Register right here.

And receive the course Expansion Blueprint as a bonus. Recordings available each week. Cancel anytime when you no longer need me.

The Expansion Blueprint $888

This is THE course for your expansion. The course is for high achieving, deeply feeling women who are ready to expand beyond anxiety and old, outdated beliefs and find their magic again. And NOT ready to shrink.

Light the fire that burns in your belly and rebirth a version of yourself you haven’t met yet.

This 4 week intensive will take you down into the depths to pull out fear and false beliefs by the root so you can give up people-pleasing, perfectionism, and the caring what others think that is killing us slowly, and rise with a quantum leap to become the deeply loving, powerful you.

Comes as a bonus with Aligned to Love Super Sessions

My bestselling course Fear to Freedom: Mindfulness for Anxiety is still available. 

Start your 5-week program to a clearer, calmer you today.

More info here.