I help high achieving empaths transform their sensitivities into superpowers and make quantum leaps in their growth and in their life.

Madeleine Eames, MSW, RSW





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Who Am I to be Powerful? Who Are You NOT To? Thriving as an Empath in an Increasignly Harsh World

Wednesday October 4th, 11am PST

Recording will be made available after the event. 

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Sacred Rage Salon:

Wednesday September 27th, 6:30-8pm PST $44

Join me in a online Sacred Rage Salon to free yourself of accumulated anger that depletes your precious energy. 

We will feel in, connect, breathe, move and express our rage in a safe, intentional community. 

Come out of freeze or floppy or depression (repression) by activating your inner lioness. 

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Womb Clearing and Healing Breathwork Ceremony for Wisdom and Power

Friday September 29th, 11-12:30pm PST 

$44 or $22 when purchased with Sacred Rage Salon (a perfect pair).

Clear out blocks, heal old emotions and beliefs that cloud the wisdom and intuition of your true self.

My breathwork journeys will take you deep into your body below the gates of the mind to clear out subconscious blocks that get in the way of being a fully expressed human.

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The Quantum Empath

The course high achieving, deeply feeling women have been waiting for.  It’s time to find your magic again, light the fire that burns in your belly and rebirth a version of yourself you haven’t met yet.

This 4 week intensive will take you down into the depths to pull out fear and false beliefs by the root so you can give up people-pleasing, perfectionism, and the caring what others think that is killing us slowly, and rise with a quantum leap to become the deeply loving, powerful you.

Portal opens October 1st. 

Stay tuned.

My bestselling course Fear to Freedom: Mindfulness for Anxiety is still available. 

Start your 5-week program to a clearer, calmer you today.

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