My expertise lies in helping women release old beliefs and step into their true authenticity beyond fear.

Madeleine Eames, MSW, RSW


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Madeleine Eames is a psychotherapist and teacher who offers a wide range of approaches to help you live a life of ease and well-being. 

My superpower is helping sensitive, intuitive humans heal blocks and become their most authentic selves.

It IS possible to heal from the effects of burnout, chronic pain and trauma. Each of us has an experience of overwhelm, either big or many small moments that get stuck in our nervous systems and create blocks.

She has been in practice for over 30 years and during that time have integrated many ways to help you heal, move through past traumas and stuck beliefs, and as a result, live a life of better understanding, confidence and ease.

So come on in and look around.  Check out my courses and workshops or reach out for a coaching/breathwork package.

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Come and be yourself in a no-judgement zone where you can move, express and breathe.

As yoga teachers and trauma-specialized therapists, we’ve identified a strong need for humans to have an outlet for emotions.

It’s especially necessary during this time on the planet when there is so much division and tension.

Expect movement, sacred rage breathwork, laughter, ecstatic dance and yoga nidra while held in a sacred masculine martial arts studio!

A carefully curated event to include some really powerful practices that let us move through limiting beliefs or patterns and enter into a state of freedom, peace and joy. 

$88 Register right here

Emotional Release Breathwork:

Let go of blocks and emotional burdens that colour your world and enter the holidays ready, free, open and alive!

Join me in a online breathwork journey to free yourself of accumulated emotions that deplete your precious energy. 

When we release emotions that cause pain, anxiety and depression in our body, we elevate to a higher level.

We no longer need to avoid how we feel by using patterns such as people-pleasing and being perfect on the outside while we are afraid on the inside.

This is the antidote to anxiety.

We will feel in, connect, breathe, move and express our emotions directly from the subconscious body in a safe, intentional community. 

Come out of freeze or flop or depression (repression) by activating your inner lioness. 

Let’s ROAR!

December 6th, 11am PST

Register here

Womb Clearing and Healing Breathwork 

Powerful healing for the most frozen, stuck place in our body. 

When we clear out the emotions and trauma held lovingly in our womb, we have access to our sacral chakra and solar plexus, the seats of our sensuality, passion and personal power.

Breathe and release accumulated stress and emotions and connect in with your own instincts and intuition.

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The Quantum Empath

The course is for high achieving, deeply feeling women who are ready to move beyond burnout. and find their magic again.

Light the fire that burns in your belly and rebirth a version of yourself you haven’t met yet.

This 4 week intensive will take you down into the depths to pull out fear and false beliefs by the root so you can give up people-pleasing, perfectionism, and the caring what others think that is killing us slowly, and rise with a quantum leap to become the deeply loving, powerful you.

Registration opens October 1st.  We begin Oct. 31st.

More info and registration here

My bestselling course Fear to Freedom: Mindfulness for Anxiety is still available. 

Start your 5-week program to a clearer, calmer you today.

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“Your purpose here is to be alive, to feel alive and powerful and clear out anything that got in the way.”

Madeleine Eames