I heal shame because it’s at the root of everything yucky.

Madeleine Eames, MSW, RSW



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The Expansion Blueprint

This is THE course for midlife expansion. The course is for high achieving, deeply feeling women who are ready to expand beyond anxiety and old, outdated beliefs and find their magic again. And NOT ready to shrink.

Light the fire that burns in your belly and rebirth a version of yourself you haven’t met yet.

This 4 week intensive will take you down into the depths to pull out fear and false beliefs by the root so you can give up people-pleasing, perfectionism, and the caring what others think that is killing us slowly, and rise with a quantum leap to become the deeply loving, powerful you.

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Enjoy a beautiful flow of guided gentle yoga, transformational breathwork and profound relaxation with yoga nidra. 

Come home to yourself. Everyone welcome, no experience needed!

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Let’s talk about release and rebirth. 

Feeling stuck? In a transition? Can’t figure it out?

Then stop. Get the mind out of the way and release e-motion (energy in motion) from your body so you can rebirth.

Any birth is a process and a passage. Something much bigger is waiting for you on the other side of this powerful journey.

Release anger, fear and the beliefs that keep them stuck.

Read more about anger in my article here on Tiny Buddha.

These journeys are powerful and potent. Release old, festering emotions and fears from your body so that you can have an amazing, healthy relationship with yourself and your own life.

Contact me at meames1@gmail.com for a personal session.

Next Rebirth and Expansion Breathwork Journey: Wednesday March 13th, 11am:

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My bestselling course Fear to Freedom: Mindfulness for Anxiety is still available. 

Start your 5-week program to a clearer, calmer you today.

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Your purpose here is to be alive, to feel alive and powerful and clear out anything that got in the way.

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