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The biggest trap of all…

“Thinking is the most overrated human activity.”  Wendell Berry Disharmony comes when we over-identify with the incessant stream of thoughts that enter and exit our minds all day. It’s like a barrier between you and the real world. Our perceptions, judgements and opinions keep us from directly experiencing reality. Don’t get me wrong, there is

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Nothing is as it seems

  We live through a veil of perceptions, feelings and opinions, often that have nothing to do with reality. If you find yourself worried or stressed about something, ask yourself “what are the facts?” “what do I really, truly know right now?”. Often, it is not very much. As a mindfulness class member said recently

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Make life easier

When you love things, they cooperate with you. Try it today. Love those things, those activities, those people that normally cause you strife. Simply put, when you cooperate with your life, your life loves you.  I’d love to hear how it goes.     Have a great week everyone, Madeleine

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A life worth breathing

    A Life Worth Breathing… is the title of a book by Max Strom, one of my favourite yoga teachers. I want to share a story he tells:   There was a woman who practiced yoga. She worked for years to master the art of stretching and bending her leg up so far that

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