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Thrive, don’t just survive…

“The cracks are where the light shines in”. Leonard Cohen   Usually when we feel life is going along swimmingly, teetering on that tightrope when all the stars seem to line up, the universe is cooperating, and you feel great… Boom! ..something happens and you fall off. Such is life. It might be an event,

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10 Ways Mindfulness helps Entrepreneurship

As a late bloomer to entrepreneurship, there’s no doubt I would not have taken this crazy plunge without a background in mindfulness. I see the benefits everyday, and I am thankful to be able to separate Buddha’s first arrow of the actual pain, from the second self-inflicted arrow, our thoughts and stories about it’s meaning.

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Today is the day!

Let today be the day you get real, you come alive and be imperfectly perfect.  That’s what the world needs more than anything. Shed your old beliefs that keep you trapped and realize that you are not here to make others happy. You are here to hear your own voice, to follow your unique path…

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Fear of judgement? Fear no more…

  It’s true.  Don’t give the job of approving yourself to anyone else. They’re not reliable employees. So many times we hold ourselves back, aren’t truthful, or hide for fear of being judged or not liked by others. It reminds me of a children’s story about fear of monsters in the closet… they seem so

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