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Difficult Conversation

  I had one goal going into a difficult conversation… to stay present. I had weighed the arguments in my head,  already proven I was right, felt my righteousness and wore it like a medal. I was ready for battle. But a small voice inside said  “stop, breathe, let go.” I knew it was right,

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When you feel stuck….

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.” Thomas Edison Some days are like that. You’re frustrated at work, relationships aren’t smooth, there’s a nagging feeling that things are not ok. The world seems uncertain. We’ve all been there, and sometimes it’s more than a day. The obvious answer seems to be to

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3 Quick Ways out of Stressful Thoughts

    It is estimated that we have between 60-80,000 thoughts running through our minds each day, and of those thoughts, 80% are repetitive, and a large percentage are negative. The reasons for this are probably evolutionary, in that we had to keep protecting ourselves from danger. However, if thoughts determine how we feel and

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Listen in… I’ll be on radio

I’m excited to be interviewed this Friday November 11th (Remembrance Day) at 12pm by Elizabeth Bishop of Serving Consciously… I’ll be chatting about how I came to do what I do, what my most important message is, and how to bring mindfulness into your daily life . Hope you can tune in…. I’ll be zipping

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Don’t tolerate thoughts you don’t desire…

  Mary (not her real name) had a nasty boss. He was sexist, rude, and generally a bully. He took up a lot of her energy, and a lot of her time, just in her repetitive, fearful, negative thoughts. As a result, she began to feel badly about herself and her self- esteem took a

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