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Ask What Not Why…

  Good morning everyone, A quick reminder that tomorrow is the last Tuesday drop-in mindfulness class and there will be no class on Friday. Here is a short, game-changing blog today about a simple shift you can make to feel more empowered and avoid the loop of over-analysis paralysis.  New research from organizational psychology shows

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Love.. What the Hell is it Anyway?

    I remember in my early 20’s I was on a retreat with a friend who was into yoga and meditation at the time. The teacher, obviously a well-respected guru, kept talking about love, that we are love, love is the only answer, find the love, feel the love… and I was completely lost.

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Make Mindfulness Easy: Picking Weeds or Watering Rosebuds?

Hello and Good Day Everyone, Last week we looked at some of the underlying drivers of behaviour that could be in the drivers seat when it comes to automatic, busy or unwanted patterns. You might want to go back to read it if you haven’t already. This week is all about what might be getting

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What are we really doing?

“Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.” John Lennon   I have had a lot of conversations with people over the course of my career. People that are facing burn-out, depression, anxiety and physical pain and illness. We usually trace it back to the source of the discomfort and find tools to

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Mindfulness as Seeing the Truth

  I packed up my youngest boy into the car to get him to school this morning. He had been scurrying around trying to find his shoes in a panic not to be late.  Finally he jumped in the car. “Where were they?” I asked. He smiled sheepishly. “Where they always are. I just didn’t

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