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Is fear stopping you from reaching goals, feeling good, stepping into your true magnificence, or just getting out of bed in the morning? 

Or perhaps your fear stems from trauma, keeping you stuck in the past. 

Or fear, tension and anxiety is making your chronic pain worse. 

Freedom is possible and your true self knows it!

This is What I Believe

I believe we are all here with a divine purpose.

I believe our wounds are the experiences we need to heal and move through to experience our true divinity. 

I believe life will continue to trigger us in the same ways until we realize our truth and heal our wounds.

And I believe that the Universe is a kind and loving place that will hold us in our healing.

1-0n-1 Sessions Can Help You:

  • Calm general anxiety.
  • Quiet negative & stressful thoughts.
  • Stop anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Improve your sense of well-being.

What You Will Learn:

  • Powerful breathing techniques to decrease your anxiety or panic. 
  • The underlying thought patterns that create your anxiety.
  • Methods to process difficult emotions.
  • How you unknowingly stay trapped in a vicious cycle of anxiety.

What You Will Receive:

  • An supportive, confidential place to tell your story
  • A deep dive into the beliefs and fears that keep the anxiety alive
  • Specific practices to suit you and your unique situation.
  • Mindfulness meditation instruction and support if desired
  • Support, encouragement and motivation to step out of your comfort zone and become the person you are meant to be!

Your Options:





Are you ready for change?


Please note that some extended health benefits will cover my services. Check with your benefit provider.

Free Session

Book your free 30-min free session with me to get started. The session serves as an opportunity for you to share with me a bit about yourself, your personal experience with anxiety and ask any questions you might have about the coaching process. I recommend everyone starts here.

One Month Jump Start Package

This is perfect to get started, tackle one goal and learn tools to use everyday
$ 675
  • 4- 60 minute sessions
  • Unlimited email follow-up and support
  • Free lifetime access to the 5-week online course in mindfulness for anxiety "From Fear to Freedom" ($99 value)
  • Membership to the private Facebook support group 'Fear to Freedom Anxiety Support Group'
  • A plan to use in your everyday life with effective tools for relief
  • I will be your guide, cheerleader and tough coach throughout our time together
start now

3 Month Transformation Package

An Opportunity to Get Clear on 1-2 Specific Goals
$ $1500
Or 3 payments of $675
  • 10- 60 minute counselling sessions
  • Support, guidance and individual plan to take action on now
  • Tools to use right away to start finding relief
  • Unlimited email access and support throughout our time together
  • Free lifetime access to my online 5-week training in mindfulness for anxiety 'From Fear to Freedom'
  • Membership in the free Facebook private group 'Fear to Freedom Anxiety Support Group
  • Relief in knowing I'm there to support you in this journey to uncover the freedom of your true self

Deep Dive

One 90 minute session to get clear, break through fear and learn tools for freedom
$ 375
  • One- 90 minute session to dive into a single issue
  • Recognize your anxiety 'fingerprint' in your breath, body and thoughts
  • Learn tools to start shifting your nervous system and get clarity
  • Guided meditation if desired
  • Actionable takeaways to use in your life now
  • Find out who you are beyond fear

If you prefer not to book your first free session online, please email me:

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