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Sink or swim?

It’s Halloween today and out here in BC, Canada, it’s raining! I was talking with a friend about the little ones going out trick-or-treating in the rain and she mentioned ‘Remember that coldest Halloween ever? They had so much fun’.   It reminded me of a saying I go to when frustrated or annoyed with

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Thoughts and emotions.. what’s the diff?

A very interesting question was asked a few weeks ago in mindfulness class… how do we tell the difference between thoughts and feelings? Yes, they seem to come as a packaged bundle, but in fact it’s super important to be able to know the difference… but how? Well, thoughts exist as bursts of electrical activity

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The green-eyed monster

If you notice envy in yourself, think of it as a signpost to something you might like. They (it might be a facebook post, or another person) hasn’t caused it, they merely shone a light on something you might like, or think you should have/be/do. Ask yourself what it is, and if it’s a true

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Dear Parents…

  Dear Parents… (and you don’t have to be a parent to know this)   Remember, your children are on their own journey here… largely unconscious to yours. They have their own path, their own goals, dreams and passions. Some may be similar to yours, others not. It’s not personal. Your only job is to

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Gratitude… what is it?

  As Thanksgiving weekend approaches in Canada, usually we give thanks in some form, for what we are fortunate enough to have. In every moment, every breath, there is something to be thankful for, but often it goes unnoticed. Close your eyes for a minute and experience your life without your sense of sight. Open

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A simple but powerful choice…

  Such a simple choice… to accept and let go. Simple but not easy. It turns out that until we accept, we cannot change. Until we acknowledge the pain, the struggle, the pattern, we cannot shine the light on it and see it in it’s fullness, and let go. Imagine if you chose to let

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