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Practice the tools and techniques I give you 10 minutes every day.  First thing in the morning works best.

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About Madeleine Eames

Mindful Living Now is the website of Mindbody Solutions, a company dedicated to exploring, developing and delivering classes, counselling and programs to improve well-being. Madeleine Eames, the owner,  is a therapist, yoga instructor and mindfulness practitioner.

Her passion lies in mind-body practices that lead to emotional balance and physical health. Madeleine’s background lies mainly in mental health but her interests have led her to expand into yoga and mindfulness as a means of incorporating the whole body into regaining health and wellness.

The journey she will take you on is one of becoming present and truthful to the fears of your small self and loving yourself into the freedom of your true self.

Completing a BA in Psychology and Sociology in 1988, she traveled and worked in India prior to completing a Masters degree in 1992 in Social Work from the University of Toronto focussing on international community development and health promotion. Madeleine then went to to work in the mental health system for 25 years in many capacities from developing programs for the homeless mentally ill in Toronto, First Nations communities in Lillooet,  to inpatient psychiatric units at UBC hospital with adults and children, finally opening a private counselling practice in 2005 specializing in trauma, anxiety and chronic pain. 

Her ‘genius’ zone lies in responding to community needs in terms of developing group programs to meet needs. Please visit workshops page to find out the latest programs. 

Some of her biggest influences have been sitting in retreat with Jon Kabat Zinn, training at Harvard Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine and advanced training in trauma therapy including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming) for PTSD. Madeleine has also done numerous mindfulness practice programs such as “Mindful Relationships” with Tara Brach and “Mindfulness for Pain” with Ron Seigel,

Realizing the importance of movement and the body in health, she trained as a 500hr yoga teacher in 2013 with a focus on yoga for anxiety and chronic pain. This was another pivotal step in as she went on to learn yoga for chronic pain with Neil Pearson and breathwork through the Inner Axis program with Max Strom as well as trauma-sensitive yoga for those who live with PTSD. All of these influences have been about the same core approach: rebalancing and transforming our nervous systems for health through the mind, body and emotions.

Seeing the benefits of yoga in her own life, Madeleine began using breathing and mindfulness techniques with her clients to enhance and augment the counselling process. Mindfulness and yoga continue to be a large part of of her daily practice and life. So much of life passes by that it takes practice to slow down, become aware of the present moment and get the brain and body online to enjoy it! She trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and attributes her inspiration to  Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of MBSR, Max Strom as well as Vidyamala Burch of Breathworks and continues to have a regular mindfulness and breathwork practice in her own life.

“Relationships are where we live, breathe, get triggered and heal.” Madeleine is trained in Imago relationship counselling with Harville Hendrix, author of ‘Getting the Love you Want’ as well as Level 2 Gottman therapy and did a one-year certificate at the Couples Institute with Dr. Ellen Bader. All that is to say that she believes growth and healing can happen within a relationship with guidance and direction that we are not taught before we venture into marriage.

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