I am a breathwork facilitator, trauma-informed yoga teacher and trauma/chronic pain psychotherapist

I am interested in delving under the protective patterns of fear that you have learned  and finding the true, softer, alive you underneath it all.

 It is possible to move through pain and fear that keeps you feeling unsafe and find a road that leads to your healing and feeling safe in your fullest expression.

You are not a problem to fix.  You are a human to hold.

As we sit and allow what is happening in this moment, we begin to see through the fear, resistance and old conditioning that keeps pain stuck. 

Through a combination of EMDR, Focussing Therapy, Pain Reprocessing Therapy and mindfulness, I can help you heal and thrive in the face of pain and anxiety. 

After many years of working as a social worker in the the mental health field from homeless shelters, hospitals, child and adult mental health, military and PTSD recovery centres, as well as continually doing my own inner healing and transformation ( a never ending process!) and suffering burnout as well as depression, I know how important it is to honour yourself, to heal, and to have a safe, non-judging space to truly explore who you are.

One modality I use individually and in groups is Transformational Womb Breathwork. I developed this gentle and gradual method to dive deep into the subconscious mind (body) to release and rewrite old programming. I have found this to be the most rapid, profound healing for “issues stuck in the tissues” that I have ever experienced or guided for all my clients. 

I will create a healing session focussed on speaking into your subconscious to heal exactly what YOU want to let go of and welcome more of, in your life. 

Often the trauma we release is inter-generational (not yours, but given to you to carry), so we have access to healing future generations.

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Madeleine Eames

Mindful Living Now is the website of Mindbody Solutions,  dedicated to exploring, developing and delivering classes, counselling and programs to improve well-being. Madeleine Eames, the owner,  is a psychotherapist, speaker, author, yoga instructor and mindfulness practitioner.

Other trainings:

  • Certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy (Alan Gordon, Pain Psychology Centre)
  • Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration, Numinus Wellness Inc. 
  • Certified Breathwork Coach and Transformational Breathwork: Breath Masters (Yogilab)
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, (MBSR)
  • EMDR (2008)(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming)
  • One year exploration/ healing of Patriarchy Stress Disorder  
  • Somatic Therapy for Trauma and Pain, Dr. Arielle Schwartz
  • Mindfulness for Pain, Dr. Ron Seigel
  • Certificate in Mindbody Medicine from Henry Benson Institute at Harvard University (2012)
  • Mindfulness Based Pain Management Certificate (MBCPM), 2019, Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix.
  • Certified Empowered Relief  instructor, a Stanford 2-hour research validated pain management skills class.
  • Explain Pain, pain Education certification.
  • Yoga for Chronic Pain Certificate, 2015, Neil Pearson PT
  • One year study program in Embodiment and Embodied Yoga Principles (2021)
  • 500hr yoga teacher training, South Okanagan Yoga Academy, (2013), focus on yoga for anxiety and chronic pain. 
  • Breathe to Heal training 2017, Max Strom
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yoga Outreach
  • Focussing Therapy (Inward Bound Counselling, Leslie Ellis)
  • New Frontiers in Trauma Treatment Course, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk (2009)
  • CBT Intensive (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) with Dr. David Burns (2005) 
  • Imago and Gottman Relationship therapy


Masters in Social Work, University of Toronto, 1990-92

BA Psychology/Sociology, Lakehead University, 1985-

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