Transformational Breathwork

The most powerful technique that I use to help people heal is transformational breathwork. 

My mission is to heal the underlying trauma, stress and stuck emotions that cause fear and stuckness.  Most of our lives we are acting from our past conditioning and miss out on knowing who we truly are, aprt from what we inherited and what we have been told. 

If you have found yourself trying many tools, maybe years of therapy, and still feel stuck, you might be battling with your conscious mind which contains 5% of our information. Breathwork takes you out of the mind and into the body and subconscious which is the 95% of your beliefs, emotions and past experiences. 

Breathwork bypasses the mind, the trying to understand and figure it out and goes directly to a somatic (body) release from your tissues.

Expect to release mental, emotional and energetic blockages, expand your consciousness, enter deeper states of meditation, surrender to your intuition and let go of past hurt, grief and heavy emotions.

When we move from our heads and into our hearts, we get to feel into deeper parts of ourselves, uncovering what lies in our unconscious mind.

"I had my first session today. Madeleine’s energy, voice and unwavering grace helped me to release stored trauma from 7 years ago.
 I am forever grateful! "
Denise R.
Breathwork Client

"I love Madeleine Eames.  She is a talented psychotherapist/yoga therapist of the highest caliber. She is generous and kind, and she works from the heart.  I highly recommend her to any man, woman or child who need help with whatever difficulty they are going through." 
Sveta Bird
Program Participant
"I feel like the saran wrap that has been holding me so tightly, squeezing me, is slowly being unraveled. I know this is directly related to the breathwork session. I can breathe now."
Juliet K.
Breathwork Client