Womb Breathwork

The womb space, or hara for men is a powerful, dark and fertile place of healing and potential in all humans. It lies in the abdominal sacral chakra area, the energy of creativity, wisdom, intuition and the source of all life. 

Unfortunately this is the area most frozen and shut down in human, the emotional centre. 

It is also the centre of a woman’s sensuality and sexuality, her wise Goddess self, and has been the most targeted on earth due to her power. 

The ancient Goddesses knew this, the wise elder crones of the community. As we reclaim our womb power (whether you have a womb or not, it still contains the energy that you came from), we reclaim our power and intuitive wisdom.

This practice of devotion grew organically in me through breathwork. The more I devoted my awareness and breath to my womb space, the more truthful and creative I became. 

We go gently and with love into the dark void as we also meet our grief, our trauma, and inherited burdens. It here, through the descent, that we ascend to the highest potential that is possible in this lifetime. 

Join me in the Rising Collective membership group.  

We descend, heal and rise together.

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Sacred Rage Salons: Breathwork and Movement to Release Anger and Activate Life Force Energy


I usually lead  breathwork journeys every month, each with a theme of healing past, old beliefs, releasing stuck emotions and rebirthing the new.

I like to think of these inner journeys as emotional and physical chiropractic adjustments to get us back towards complete alignment with our soul.

We have a unique opportunity at this time on the planet to heal ancestral, collective and personal trauma  to rapidly shift our lives and those who come after us. 

If you have been struggling with the same blocks, the same limiting beliefs or relationship issues, then I invite you to join me to let your subconscious body do the healing for you through breathwork. 

Every experience is different, but the results are the same:  release of old emotions, new insights and upgraded beliefs. The more we release, the more we claim our true self, our true worthiness.  

My breathwork journeys put you at the wheel of your own experience. It is a unique process of both active and restorative breath patterns and is helpful for balancing masculine and feminine energies within your body.

More info to read about online breathwork prior to participating in a journey with me: 


    • Quiet space to lie down where you won’t be disturbed

    • Headphones for better sound experience

    • Bottle of water

    • Journal and a pen

    • Favourite crystal or essential oil and eye mask if you like


    • Please do not eat at least 2 hours before the event

    • Wear loose comfortable clothing that are not tight around the waist to

      avoid any restriction of the breath

Avoid caffeine and alcohol on the day


Breathwork is an incredibly safe practice, however there is possibility for side effects if you have any of the below conditions. Please consult with your GP first.

    • Pregnancy

    • Cardiovascular Disease, including Heart Attacks

    • Severe Hypertension

    • Epilepsy

    • Glaucoma or Retinal Detachment Osteoporosis

    • Recent Surgeries Recent Serious Physical Injuries

    • Recent Infectious/Communicable Diseases Asthma (if you have asthma, just

      bring your inhaler to the session)

    • Psychiatric Hospitalization or Prior Diagnosis by a Healthcare Professional of

      Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder Use of Coumadin or other prescription blood thinning medicine


We will talk for 15-20 minutes as an introduction to the practice. We will slowly ease in as I guide you with my voice and music. We will then breathe deeper to go deeper and at a certain point will do a short breath hold and let it out with a big sigh/sound/scream if you like! Then we start to wind down and slowly let the breath return to relaxed and natural and let all the benefits absorb into your body. You are welcome to stay in this relaxed state of bliss or slowly return to the screen and chat/give feedback.

In individual sessions, you can also choose to use our time for reflection and integration of breathwork and current struggles you are having. You are in control of the process. I am your guide and the breath and our connection is the healer.

Breathwork is one of the most powerful and safest processes you can do.

When you register I will assume you have read and understand these guidelines prior to engaging in breathwork with me. We are good to go!

I am looking forward to seeing you, Madeleine

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Yung

The most powerful process that I use to help people uncover their true essence is transformational breathwork. 

To ascend, we need to descend first. My background as a trauma therapist assists us to manage, navigate and release the many underlying emotions that got stuck in a freeze response in your body.

When we can welcome and embrace these emotions and sensations in a safe and supportive space, they can be set free. 

If they are not supported and managed, we can re-traumatize ourselves. Breathwork is a safe but powerful tool not to be misused.

It all depends on YOUR goals. We can go deeply and powerfully inwards,  or a gentler, softer “micro-dosing” approach. 

My mission is to heal the underlying trauma, stress and stuck emotions that cause fear and stuckness.  Most of our lives we are acting from our past conditioning and miss out on knowing who we truly are, aprt from what we inherited and what we have been told. 

If you have found yourself trying many tools, maybe years of therapy, and still feel stuck, you might be battling with your conscious mind which contains 5% of our information. Breathwork takes you out of the mind and into the body and subconscious which is the 95% of your beliefs, emotions and past experiences. 

Breathwork bypasses the mind, the trying to understand and figure it out and goes directly to a somatic (body) release from your tissues.

In my own experience and my clients, breathwork heals in one session what can take many, many sessions of talk therapy to do.

Expect to release mental, emotional and energetic blockages, expand your consciousness, enter deeper states of meditation, surrender to your intuition and let go of past hurt, grief and heavy emotions.

When we move from our heads and into our hearts, we get to feel into deeper parts of ourselves, uncovering what lies in our unconscious mind.

"I had my first session today. Madeleine’s energy, voice and unwavering grace helped me to release stored trauma from 7 years ago. I am forever grateful! " ​
Denise R.
Breathwork Client
"I love Madeleine Eames. She is a talented psychotherapist/yoga therapist of the highest caliber. She is generous and kind, and she works from the heart. I highly recommend her to any man, woman or child who need help with whatever difficulty they are going through."
Sveta Bird
Program Participant
"I feel like the saran wrap that has been holding me so tightly, squeezing me, is slowly being unraveled. I know this is directly related to the breathwork session. I can breathe now."
Juliet K.
Breathwork Participant
"Thank you for guiding us through it. Your voice really made it a secure time. It was like you knew what was happening while I was going through this (controlled) frenzy of significant breathing. I’m so glad I did it!!"
Elizabeth P.
Breathwork Participant