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The Very First Thing to do with Difficult People

  We all have them… ‘those’ people that you run across in your otherwise peaceful path that for no reason at all, make your life difficult. They can be rude, indifferent or downright aggressive.   Travelling recently I found myself staying in one location for a full week. As I always do, I found a

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The middle way to peace with mindfulness

Dear Friends,   A lot of what gets us and the world into trouble falls into one of 2 extremes: rage and numbing.   Everyday we can find examples of either extreme in ourselves or in the news. We seem to vascillate between the 2 like ping pong balls. This is the fight-or-flight response designed

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The Power of Words

Good Morning Friends!   I don’t often bring politics into my blog, but there comes a time…   My work is about words. Teaching, writing, counselling, telling stories and changing the stories of our lives. The words we use and how we use them have a huge impact on those around us. The old adage

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What to do when you feel down and a special offer…

  Dear Friends,   To date, there are 103,289 books with the word ‘Happiness’ in the title listed on That’s right: 103,289.   Do you think our forefathers and mothers were in such a search for this elusive thing called Happiness? Something is going on here as we now have the world at our

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How to end mind chatter

  Hello Everyone! Have you ever gone through a task, a walk, or a day literally ‘lost in thought’? That is, so caught up in the world of the mind that the outside world fades in comparison? I sure have, and those thoughts and ideas can grip so tightly they seemingly won’t let go.   

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