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Experiment in Loving What Is

  The other morning I set out for a run, albeit a short one, seeing as it was -10 on the thermometer. As I approached my ‘favourite’ hill, I must have been particularly mindful as I noticed my breath shallow, and thoughts of “oh no, I hope I can do this” and ” I hate

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Living the Full Catastrophe

  Six years ago I sat in the hospice by the bedside of my mother in the last days of her life. As I sat, I looked out the window into the cold, crisp air where birds were singing, a couple walked hand-in-hand, maybe in love, children laughed and played in the daycare across the

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Whose business are you in?

First of all, a quick reminder that there will be no mindfulness classes this week… we will resume in the new year, first week of January, 2017! Now, on to the good stuff…   “There are 3 kinds of business, your business, other people’s and God’s.  Whose business are you in?” Byron Katie, Loving What

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Thank you

Hello Monday! I would like to thank all of you, my readers, my clients, my students, my teachers. I learn something from all of you with your comments, your feedback. I thank my mindfulness groups for putting up with my excitement, my passion and all of my experiments. Without all of you, I wouldn’t know

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