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Find quality this season…

Are you rushing through your to-do list in a mad race to the finish line? Do you ever make it to the end? If you are, you’re not alone this season. Let me tell you a practice I have been experimenting with that could make all the difference.    So often we race through life

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The Power of Mindful Holidays

  Hello Everyone,   It may seem a little early but the question ‘What are you doing for Christmas?’ has been surfacing lately as the holidays approach and we anticipate the upcoming season. The answer, however, is different for everyone and is fueled with many things depending on the person. For some, it is a

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I’m having an affair… with the truth

Got your attention? Yes that’s right. I’m having a full-on, delicious affair… with the Truth.   Not as enticing as you were hoping? Wait.. don’t go away yet. It just might be as good. Last week I had a complete moment of truth where I could see a pattern clearly that was evolving right before

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