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Are you a part-time lover?

  “The cracks are where the light shines in.” Leonard Cohen   I used to hate listening to the news. I thought ‘Why should I?”, “Why should I ruin my day with things beyond my control?”.  There are certainly times to turn it off if it creates anxiety, but now I see that in order

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What’s your Story?

  The story you create becomes the story of your life. You may think there is only one story, one cast of characters each who have their own scripts (I know you can think of the villain right now!). But our interpretations of our lives are largely subjective and fluid.  We get to choose what

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Gentle Yoga for Chronic Pain

New class starting!  I am excited to announce a new class starting February 8th, 2017.  This class is for anyone who suffers with the effects of chronic pain or illness, tension and anxiety, or just wanting to chill, learn to relax and let go.   This gentle class is focussed on restoring a calmer nervous

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Is someone stealing your freedom?

    What is freedom and how do we ‘get’ it? This is a question I have been asking for a long time. When we think about happiness, contentment, peace, what are we really thinking about, and what is the common denominator that we could call freedom? This inquiry involved a process of elimination.  

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The beauty of rhythms

  There is a natural cycle to most things, your body, your life, sleeping, the seasons, the planets, the sun. There is a rhythm that is cyclical, predictable and part of an intricate design that supports life. Rhythms and traditions have been used in many cultures as a system to support the culture and to

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A New Year…

  Happy New Year Everyone,   Now that we have entered the new year, you may be contemplating what this year might hold for you as it unfolds. Or, you may be busy setting big goals for yourself, writing them down and starting today. What ever your approach is, may it serve you well to

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