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Aging in Seasons

I was in a grocery store the other day and I was eavesdropping in on a conversation between an elderly woman and a young sales clerk. This young man listened intently to the woman and her question, and it expanded into a full conversation about her life, where she lived, and then what sports he was playing!

It was such a wonderful opening between two generations, each learning about a world different from their own. It was full of curiosity and I am sure both left changed. I did. It reminded me of the research on witnessing acts of compassion between others, and how the observer as well as the participants gain a dose of oxytocin, the love chemical. 

We age in seasons. Each season opening to the next, never knowing what might unfold. Some seasons are full of challenges and grief, others full of action and achievements, and others are more for reflection and receiving. 

Seasons don’t arrive in a linear path, they cycle, spiral, contract and expand. And although our minds might want and expect things to go a certain way, there is no clear path. 

Stay open to the unexpected and surprises outside of the cultural story you may have heard.

The truth is, growth and healing and transformation happens through your whole life. In fact, I have seen people heal the most horrific traumas in the last months of their life.

But don’t wait that long. 

Beyond midlife is the perfect time to shed the small self who compares, feels pressure and “not enough” and to come into who you truly are now, your true self, your true essence. 

You may have been focussed on giving to others your whole life. 

You may have dedicated yourself to your career, or your family or marriage. 

Or surviving, staying healthy as possible.

Nothing wrong with that. AND it provides fertile ground to step into your legacy. 

Let’s do this together. Let’s shed the skin of fear and perfectionism and make this season one of freedom. 

Freedom only ever comes from within. And in my experience, it begins with going deep into healing, and then rising in a supportive community. A community where all of you is welcome – sadness, fear, anger, joy, sexual feelings and everything in between.

If you are craving this experience, I am excited to release my latest course:

Rebirth the Wise Woman Leader. You can become the leader of your own life. Your own permission to thrive at any age. An 8-week journey with breathwork and healing to rise up, awaken your magic and remember who you are. 

Is this the year you open to yourself emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually? To embrace all of who you are and who you came to be, all cradled in the arms of self-love.

We begin weekly meetings on January 24th at 1pm PST. 

For more information and to register here: Click here

This is your chance to overcome fear and rebirth and express your true alive self beyond the rules, and just for this week I have added a bonus of my 5-week Fear to Freedom Mindfulness for Anxiety course. 

To keep it personal, spots are limited. This course will never be offered at this price again. 

If this calls to you, let’s make 2023 a celebration of YOU!

Lots of love,





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