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You are Your Own Guru

If there is one thing human beings are not running short of, it’s gurus. 

We have been worshipping idols from the beginning, and it’s not the worshipping itself that is problematic. In fact, it can be wonderful to find a person, character, archetype or God who embodies what resonates with you, deep in your bones. 

It’s when the guru replaces the innate wisdom and knowing that we were all born with. 

We’ve all done it. Gravitated towards following someone we admire, perhaps spent tons of money on learning from, and ended up short on getting what we had hoped for, or feeling forever less-than because, yup, you’re not them. 

Following our own intuition, our gut feelings, our own wisdom, has not been a virtue that society has encouraged. In fact, the opposite.. conformity sells, disguised as uniqueness.

All systems have adhered to this model. Doctors, professors, even the yoga world, meditation teachers and I see it in the breathwork movement.  But this masculine system of the leader is shifting as people either become disillusioned, and egos begin to dissolve. 

Only you can decide who to follow, and at what changing season of your own life. 

Breathwork holds great promise for the guru within you to emerge as leader. There are many types to choose from, for various goals. But the main thing always is feeling safe and connected first to yourself, and to your teacher. 

There is NO one right way. You are always the leader of your own breath, your own experience. 

And sometimes it feels good to be led through a new and perhaps challenging experience. (for me, it’s learning to strength train.. I need a leader!).

I have found a way through my own practice and introspection that seems to honour my own state and allows for flexibility and responsiveness to the individual’s own needs and intentions. 

Maybe you will join me in my next free, online breathwork event Tuesday January 17th at 12 noon and experiment with becoming your own guru.

Details and registration right here: 

Breathwork can be a doorway to let go of old, protective patterns that are no longer necessary.

Old trauma patterns cause separation.. from self and others.

When patterns rise with the inhale and release on the exhale,

What we are left with is presence.

The presence of who we truly are.

My next breathwork journey will be an invitation to open up to the abdomen, the sacral area that tends to shut down and freeze when we learn to abandon our true selves.

Open up to your own creativity and wisdom through breathwork.

Join the next free online journey here:

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