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Whose business are you in?

First of all, a quick reminder that there will be no mindfulness classes this week… we will resume in the new year, first week of January, 2017! Now, on to the good stuff…


“There are 3 kinds of business, your business, other people’s and God’s.  Whose business are you in?”

Byron Katie, Loving What Is

Everything can probably be boiled down to the 3 types of business, but only one will ever bring you satisfaction and peace, your own. We spend a lot of time in other’s business, and what BK calls God’s business is that of the weather, earthquakes, natural states far beyond our control, that we love to complain about. There is only one business you should be in… your own. The rest is out of your control. If you feel lonely, stressed or worried, ask yourself whose business you are in, and get back in your own… otherwise we become victims of other people’s business! 


It can be helpful to notice the stories that you tell yourself that keep you from experiencing this moment, this person, this breath. Perhaps it’s about how others should be, perhaps it’s an old pattern you are playing out, perhaps it’s anticipation about the future, perhaps it’s replaying the past. The truth is that most of our patterns and thoughts are repetitive. In other words, you’ve done this before. Breathe, and notice without the story, that this moment is actually ok. The story will argue with you… breathe and notice it as a story (thought). 


We only use a small percentage of our possible movements, and possible thoughts, and we tend to use the same ones over and over. Can you expand into another possibility, a different reaction, a new thought or creative option? Set yourself free and choose a new move, another thought that feels good?


As you may know, I am crazy about breathing, and using the breath to heal, expand and find peace. This comes from years of working with people who have not taken a full breath for years, and keep themselves tight, stressed and anxious in a fight-or-flight state. This is our world today… just when we relax, something comes to interrupt us. I have seen people transform, soften, release trauma and stress, just through deep breathing and noticing the story that keeps them stuck.


I have been developing a product that will help you to do just this… breathe and relax in the midst of your busy day. If you are interested in learning more, click on this link and let me know,


Have a wonderful week,









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