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When You Feel the Stress of Taking a Side

“There is a field out beyond right and wrong, I’ll meet you there.”  Rumi 

So much of the world right now is caught up in polarities: right and wrong, good and bad, left and right. 

But have you noticed that the lines between them are getting more and more blurred? What I thought I could call “right-wing” can no longer be captured by a box, and the “left-wing” box I thought I “belonged” to is becoming more uncomfortable and cannot contain what feels right to me anymore. 

The truth is, we are not made to be labeled, put in boxes of judgement and close the lid. 

We are ever-evolving, ever-expanding or contracting and always changing. What we are is so miraculous it can never be stopped. And right now, that change is accelerating at a pace never seen before on this planet. This can feel disrupting, and is also a wonderful transformation if you allow it to be. 

The key is to let go of your own resistance to it. Every day, every moment presents something new if you are open to seeing it. People are surprising and everyone has the ability for potent, rapid change. 

Be open to it. Be willing to see through new eyes. 

Notice where you box people in, judge them and throw away the key. It limits you. 

Truthfully, we are all humans and come upon our pulpits, our opinions and viewpoints through our own experiences and our own needs. Sometimes it’s a need to protect and stay safe, or a need to be right or be seen a certain way. There’s nothing wrong with that, it can just be helpful to see yourself honestly. 

I have also been noticing this and evolving this summer. I have noticed that it is becoming more difficult to stay “fixed” in a thought or viewpoint and frankly arguing things out is exhausting, isn’t it?

What if we could lift beyond the trappings of the mind, the “shoulds” we hold so dearly, the rights and wrongs that form our temporary identities and simply allow ourselves to let go and heal at a fundamental level as a human who simply wants to be loved.

Now that was a mouthful! What I am getting at is that you and only you are responsible to yourself, for yourself and your own healing. And it is this that will change your world, and the planet. 

We will continually fight for peace, equality and justice, but doing so at the cost of your own health and well-being is insanity and doesn’t help anyone in the end. 

So, my evolution. I have returned to my love of breathwork and have been training in Transformational Breathwork.  It showed up on my plate, I did a breathwork journey and it blew my socks off. Which in my language means, I honestly healed and let go of more in one session than I would have in 10 years of talking and thinking.

Breathwork heals at a deeper, tissue level beyond the mind that tries to fix or figure it out.  Beyond the 5% conscious mind and into the 95% subconscious which is truly running your show. It is hard, powerful work.. not for the faint of heart!

As such, I have opened up Wise Woman Breathwork: Transformational Breathwork Journeys (because it is only the experience of being a woman I can speak to) to help women heal through breathwork so they can realize their worth and live true, authentic lives.

If this calls to you, here is the link for more info about my upcoming offer next Wednesday August 17th:

The world is ready and waiting for you to shine brightly and be all that you are, 






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