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What’s your Story?


The story you create becomes the story of your life. You may think there is only one story, one cast of characters each who have their own scripts (I know you can think of the villain right now!). But our interpretations of our lives are largely subjective and fluid.  We get to choose what they are. This is where your creativity comes in 🙂


Take Mary, for example. She was a woman I knew who suffered greatly with chronic pain. She felt she was a victim to her pain as it prevented her from doing many things in her life. Her story was about how this pain had ‘ruined her life’, robbed her of happiness and prevented her from doing all the things she loved to do. Imagine if she stopped there. What chance does she have, if her life is ruined?


In reality our stories are interpretations, and always changing. Over time, Mary’s story changed to how she had learned to live with pain, take care of herself, find other hobbies she had never thought of before, and use all her strengths and tools to live the best life she could. 


What story are you telling about your own life? Or, even better, what story are you telling yourself about this moment? Can you see that it is ever-changing, and you always get to decide how this story will end. Don’t deny your pain but pleeease tell a good story!


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