Madeleine Eames

- Psychotherapist
- Mindfulness Teacher

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What do you get to do?



Every night, we lay aside our day as we welcome sleep and rest in a place beyond thoughts, tasks, doubts and judgements. We have a chance to pause and breathe into dreams… until our consciousness finds us again in the morning as we open our eyes, a new day.


The other day I opened my eyes to the sunlight and before I knew it I had a to-do list as long as my arm piling up in my thoughts. I didn’t notice the soft carpet, the silence, the morning sun peeking through clouds. I was occupied with “What I have to do”. A thought. I shook myself out of this trance and looked for a place to re-start. 


Quick reframe: the list of tasks presents itself as the most important thing.. probably because it causes some stress in our body, alerting us to possible danger. The truth is, when you widen your scope and look around, it is one of a number of things that could call your attention for a moment… the trees, the taste of coffee, the other lives around us, the soft feel of carpet under our toes, the vast sky above us. AND… what we get to do today. We are here. We are alive.


Try changing the statement “What I have to do today” (sounds arduous, heavy) to “What I get to do today”. I am here, I am awake, and I get to do things. It changed my day and I hope it changes yours.


I have a new class starting this week at Namaste Yoga, 201-310 Hudson Ave, on Wednesday mornings from 8:30-9:15, drop-in for $15.  It is Morning Mindfulness. Get grounded with simple practices to start your day. If you are new to mindfulness, or a seasoned practitioner, come and practice together. Feel free to wear your work clothes as long as you are comfy.


Take care, dear friends, and have a good week,




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