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Are You Stuck in Judgement? Here’s Why

When we start to see the worth in everyone,  life changes. 

Invisible chains release.

False ideas leave.

The masks are taken off. 

Forgiveness and compassion arise. 

And a world based on unconditional love becomes possible.

Peace and presence enter and it is like life itself reaches in and says “let me take over.”

One thing has become clear over the last year and that is that many of us are living by what we should or shouldn’t do, leaving us to judge what others should or shouldn’t do. 

It comes from a place of fear and control and it rarely, if ever, has a positive outcome.

The habit of fear only creates more fear. 

The habit of letting go is peace. 

Here’s the thing: We think we know what is right, we think we know other people and we think there is only one way of looking. 

All of that is ever-changing, relative and what is missed is that there are bazillions of ways of seeing, being and believing. 

Being in judgement is not knowing the whole story.

  • What are you in judgement of?
  • What part of you is bothered by this?

It might be the part that feels afraid, the part that feels judged yourself, the part that feels ashamed, the part that doesn’t know what the hell he/she is doing and feels helpless. 

This is the healing for 2022. 

We are all here to be the full expression of ourselves and those parts of you that feel shut down, afraid, ashamed, or judged, are rooted in trauma just waiting to be seen and healed. 

This is the best news ever!

Old systems are falling apart and what will rise will be you. You in your full expression like a phoenix from the ashes. 

But it is super important that you realize what is happening or it will be very painful and feel chaotic. 

Our shadow is the parts we have judged, abandoned, exiled in response to what we have learned or have been told by our families or culture.  For example, here are some landmines of the shadow:

You are too loud: In becoming quiet you judge people who are loud.

Anger is not safe or allowed: You cringe or freeze when people raise their voice.

Your worth is based on what you do: (One of the biggest lies we have been sold) You judge others and yourself harshly as lazy.

Your body must look a certain way: (THE biggest and most tragic lie told): You aspire to perfection and criticize yourself or others who don’t.

Don’t give up your power, opinion, space, there isn’t room for everyone: You fear giving up space or attention to those who have been marginalized because of race, gender or anything else. This inherited lie was created to keep some in power at the top. 

You get the idea. This is big.

The good news is that these judgements can lead you home, back home to your own truth of who you are and are not.

Truth. That’s where I am headed.

Truth of you, your emotions, your fears, your dreams and yearnings. 

See your shadows with compassion. They were created to keep you safe at the time. Now it is safe to look after yourself now, the world will not end. 

It is safe to know your own worth and the worth of others. You don’t know their whole story.

If you are a woman looking to rise from the ashes and move through the invisible chains of shame and fear that have held you back, my membership group Alive Empath is opening it’s doors again later this month to welcome you to a new level of evolution in Awakened Woman, an online group of connection, safety and presence with one goal: to reclaim your true alive self. 

I’ll be telling you more about it soon. 

In the meantime, see the worth in everyone. Everyone has their struggles, their journey, their fears. Relax your own nervous system. You don’t have to fix anyone else or even spend time with them. You don’t know the whole story, you can only know yourself. That is the healing. 

Love and presence for 2022,



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