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To Heal Anything You have to Go to the Roots

A tree doesn’t grow simply because it reaches up to the sun, it grows because it reaches deep down into the earth.

  • Have you ever tried to reach for a goal, and maybe you attained it but it didn’t last?
  • Perhaps you have tried to change your mindset SO many times and end up looping the same old story?

This is not unusual, and what we have been taught: that our minds are the driver and if only we can learn to be a better driver we will get to a different destination. 

Well, it hasn’t really worked. It hasn’t changed the world or the rate of anxiety, depression or pain very much. And I’ve been around this field for a very long time!

To ascend, you have to first descend.

You have to go down deep into the womb-belly subconscious (ie. body) and muck around in there to see what’s up.

Otherwise it’s what we call spiritual bypassing and you run the risk of running around telling everybody else what they should do because you haven’t changed deep down in your roots. It’s only intellectual.

There is no doctrine, no law or book that is going to change you unless you actually digest it into your body and feel what you need to feel. 

It can be messy.

For sure it’s uncomfortable.

But just on the other side of that is a whole new world you haven’t known before.

Dig down deep. 

What is your story about life, about relationships, money, work or love? Your belief about what you deserve?

Where do you feel MOST stuck?

THAT is the place to explore.

You have probably never known yourself in this lifetime without that core belief.

Everything that is held in darkness, in fear and shame in our bodies and in the world is coming up to the light. 

It can no longer be held, it is too uncomfortable. Can you feel it?

Too anxious to stay small.

Too angry to stay quiet. 

Too sad to not cry it out. 

Too scared to not change.

This is where breathwork is just crazy powerful to move it NOW, not talk about it forever.

It is such a powerful time right now and there are many ways to work with me to move through this and totally transform that area of your life. 

Here is one: 

Transformational Breathwork Journey to Release Stress and Anxiety December 14th, 6-7:30pm PST

Join me!!



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