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The Journey of the Divine Feminine

As I enter my Crone years (a term used to describe the Queen who sits on her throne either in a cabin in the woods or in a castle or condo)  my focus is clearer on the journey that a woman takes during her short stint here on earth. 

Feminine energy flows in a spiral, contrary to our grow-learn-work retire culture. It weaves in and out of phases and stages, expansions and contractions. 

But there are some underlying elements, call it consciousness or life force, that underlie and navigate this process for us. Our only task is to simply notice where we stuck in a birth canal as the next phase is being rebirthed through us. 

The energy of the Maiden arise as we come into puberty. We see with wide-eyes our bodies change and flower and become vessels for bleeding, regeneration and life. We look around us with curiosity and pleasure with what the world holds. We trust and hope. We see that validation and pleasing others is part of the key to fitting in. Her energy is helpful and hopeful. And hopefully we can mature to please and validate ourselves. 

The Mother phase naturally progresses into nurturing, attending to, creating a home or a nest for offspring, animals, family, plants or a creative pursuit. A home for her creations.  A womb for creation.  Her energy is nurturing, caring for others until they can care for themselves. 

The Crone phase brings us into a final resting spot. This can also be the most creative and nurturing phase as she moves into her own sovereignty. She comes into a place of humanity and grace that she can now look back and integrate the wisdom of her experiences. She no longer relies on the validation or others, and reserves her precious mothering energies for those who need it, her family and perhaps aging elders. 

These phases are spiral, we weave back and forth, and there is nothing wrong with any of them. 

Each stage requires a death and rebirth so the next can bloom. The death, the letting go can be painful and makes way for grief. Grief is the passage that fertilizes the soil of the next seed to grow and blossom. 

Can you see where your Maiden energy patterns still exist in fear? Where your Maiden still looks for validation, for old connections to fit in that are outdated, where her voice still gets stuck and she people-pleases to be seen and heard?

Can you see if your beautiful Mother energy is going into people and places where she is no longer needed? Perhaps she is being sucked dry by needy people who can now stand on their own? Reserve this energy, Dear Crone, for your own children, the sick and elderly. But mostly yourself. 

This is what the whole world of therapy is talking about in psychological terms. 

Your patterns are not wrong. They are your magic. 

You can pick them up anytime you like. They have helped you survive. And you are here. 

You are now here to embrace your weirdness, your quirkiness, what makes you different and what feeds your soul. 

What nurtures you now in your Crone phase? This can be the most magical and satisfying phase of your entire journey. 

You have earned it, Dear Crone. 

You can see the world through the eyes of love. You can see how we are hurt because we have been severed from ourselves. You can nurture the Maiden and support the Mother. 

Your wisdom is born in the wrinkles of your experience. 

It’s time to courageously step into your authenticity and let go of what you have outgrown to become congruent with your own queenly sovereignty. 

Step into your power in your own womb wisdom, your own two feet, no longer leaning on friends, or even family to validate and be seen and heard. 

This is no small step. Why? Because this is the powerful energy that can heal the world. That is why it has been the biggest threat to our status quo. 

Let’s change that.

If you feel stuck at any threshold in this divine passage, your body, your womb and breath will midwife you through. 

Join me in a transformational Womb Breathwork journey. Birth a new world through you. 

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