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The Great Contraction

You might say… why am I talking about contraction when I teach all about expansion?

The simple answer is: you can’t have one without the other, and both are equally important. 

Like a jellyfish, you can’t know expansion without contraction. This is life itself, the pulsating throb of the heart beat of growth,  the cycle and rthym of nature and all of life itself. 

The inhale and exhale of every organism, including you. 

There was a time on earth where this pulse governed every form of life. Through circadian rthyms, the cycle of the day, the moon and seasons. And the contraction and expansion inside every body. 

There was effort and rest, pain and death, and joy and dancing, there was voice and song and wailing of grief, and the cycle of birth and death in every moment and every lifetime. 

There was a world where life was revered,  people had a place, a role, and everyone was unique. 

Many communities were matriarchal, two-souled people were valued, and the care of survival of the community was paramount.

At some point, many points, we began to fear. A few began to control, and created fearful followers behind them in armies, in churches, preaching “otherness”, good and bad, us and them, sinners and saved. There are certain clear points such as the rise of the Roman Empire which took over christianity and rewrote the bible, excluding gospel that referred to the source of God that lies within each and every one of us. 

We know what happens now when we look to leaders to “save” us. 

This contraction continued, with various forms of progress along the way. 

We are in a stage of mega-expansion in the world. All that been buried, held in fear and oppressed is coming to the light to be seen, heard, included and valued. But at the same time we see the violent contraction. The fear. The protest and war, the attacks on progress. 

Contractions are occurring all the time, in and around us. 

If you feel helpless in your own contractions, your own fear.. fear not. 

What are we taught to do through the contractions of birth? 

Breathe through them. 

Something bigger is waiting for you on the other side of contraction. 

Growth is not all white and flowy and good and nice.  

Growth is messy and recalibrates everything to another level. Like the creation of a butterfly out of a goopy soup. 

The time of the roles of “good girl” and “warrior” are going the way of the dodo and they are loud on the way out. 

The backlash is loud. The rigid, conservative, right-wing political and religious institutions are tantrumming because they can no longer hold the abundance for a few and give out permission slips for breadcrumbs.

It is impossible to stay rigid anymore in defined roles of gender, sexuality, personality and behaviour. Why? Because you are fluid, changing, water, not ice. 

I breathe for a world where men are no longer sent to war and come home with ptsd, where we can all feel all our emotions and be guided by this divine intelligence, not something we read in a book. 

Where women and other groups are not attacked and subjected to oppression in any way.

A place where human life is valued and respected and those not at the table are invited. 

You are here to create, not consume. You are here to shapeshift, dance and sing, not live in fear. 

All your good girls patterns will rise if you try and stay in judgement and control. 

All the warriors and soldiers will rise to fight and cling to the Titanic on the way out. 

Something bigger is coming for you, but you have to learn to breathe through the contractions, not avoid them. You can’t ignore rebirth. 

So, if you are feeling anxious, tight, worried and fearful, it’s time. 

Not just time to “calm down and relax” but going to yoga or meditation, but to breathe right through the patterns that are rising in you and around you. 

This is where all growth lies. In the cracks in between, the liminal space where something is leaving and the new has not yet arrived.

It needs space to arrive. because you can’t draw on the old to create it. It is new. 

Breathe through the contraction and you will meet someone new on the other side. A version of yourself without the old roles and patterns. 

This is what the great contraction is asking of us, actually now forcing us to do or die (or at least keep a part of yourself buried).

This feminine energy is rising in everyone if we let it and it’s a big quantum field that includes all of you, all of your emotions, and every single soul on the planet, not just a few. 

Are you ready to welcome the change, move beyond fear and breathe through the contraction? 

Join me in my next breathwork journey Wednesday January 17th.  It’s a big one to start the year and kick-start your expansion. 

Here it is: Register here

After all the fear is gone, what is left?

Pure, clear, expansive love. 

Your true nature.

But let’s clear out the muck first.

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