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The End of Abundance

It’s not really true, abundance is not ending. It can’t because it is abundant!

But it certainly can in your mind when you feel there is never enough, you are not enough, you need to have this thing, or that person, or this condition to be right before you can feel any peace. 

That is the feeling of scarcity. 

And that is what we feel when we look at social media and feel left out, like everyone else is having a great life and you are not,  or jealous of others or wishing you were someone else. This is a poverty mentality. 

It prevents you from seeing what is already all around you, all the abundance that you have, and frankly it ruins your life. Because your life IS abundance. 

In fact, I have been naively shocked and surprised on numerous occasions by finding out that people’s FB liv es are NOT their real life. It’s so convincing!

On my walk this morning, the path was dry and dusty, not much rain lately. There in the middle of the path out of nowhere grew a beautiful yellow flowered plant. For no reason and against all odds, it chose to spring up in the parched soil, surrounded by stones of every colour and shape. 

This is the abundance that is all around us when we look for it. We ALL have access to it. The path to walk on, the sky that is alwasy changing, the air that fills every space, the trees and flowers and grass that appear all around and in the oddest places.

Mother nature is our truest abundance and if you will allow yourself, just for a moment or two, to rest your tired eyes, your weary feet or your aching bones, she will offer you a space. 

THAT is the energy of abundance. If you have been constantly looking, seeking for more in your life, this is the energy to welcome in. You get what you ARE, not what you WANT. 

Enjoy friends and have a fulfilling Sunday, your path, your way. 




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