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The Dark Night of the Soul

When I awoke this morning the sun was streaming in my window at our small cabin. Outside, the leaves were gently falling from the giant chestnut tree, wave were lapping at the shore and I could see a slight breeze was blowing. 

This time of year is magical for me. It helps that orange and red are my favourite colours and now that my nervous system is regulated I can tolerate the cold that is coming. 

I noticed some thoughts entering about what I had planned to do today, and then a few grumbling about something else. I saw this. I saw the old habits that created my awareness. 

And I switched to the lightness and it was still there. My dog waking me up, all the gifts that awaited me. 

This might seem like a small pivot, but this is THE pivot. 

The light is always there, even in the dark night of the soul. In the dark night, we simply cannot see it. We live in the worries, the darkness of thought. I have also lived in that void, where you are not sure what is coming, but the unknown tells you it’s not going to be good. There seems like no escape. 

So we jump to old patterns of desperation.. doing, fixing, complaining and blaming and worry. It’s ok.

We’ve all been there. 

But I want to offer another way. It’s the way that Dr. Edith Eger, a holocaust survivor talks about.

“I was so ready to live life, that no matter what happens, it’s temporary and I can survive it.”

So, if you are going through a difficult time, remember it is temporary. And even if you can’t see it, the light is still there, waiting for you.

The light does not require you or anyone else to change.

It doesn’t need an answer, a great gesture or to be fixed. 

It simply is.  It is there. 

Do not struggle of search to find it.

Simple let go and it will find you.

In the birds, the trees, the soft space around you. 

Your breath. 

This IS life speaking softly through you.

You are here, you are alive, everything passes if you allow it. 

I hope this finds you today if you need it.  In other news….

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So much love and please find the light around and within you today,


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