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Sink or swim?

It’s Halloween today and out here in BC, Canada, it’s raining! I was talking with a friend about the little ones going out trick-or-treating in the rain and she mentioned ‘Remember that coldest Halloween ever? They had so much fun’.


It reminded me of a saying I go to when frustrated or annoyed with something:


“What’s worse… the rain or your resistance to it?”. Jeff Foster


It’s so true… once we are able to accept things as they are, we find they are not so bad, or uncontrollable (rain!), or we can now work with them for change. Think of quicksand… when we struggle, we sink, when we are still with it, we can float.


Try it out… what’s worse, your anxiety or your resistance to it?

.. your anger, or your resistance to it? Remember, anger is just an energy that can either get stuck or move.

..your frustration, or your resistance to it?

..other’s behaviour, or your resistance to it?


I hope you find some freedom there. Happy Wet Halloween everyone 🙂







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