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Press the Pause Button




Hello Mindful Tribe and here’s to another week,

So often these days in my office I hear words like:

“I just need to stop, step back and think.”

“I think I just needed to say it out loud.”

“I just need to get perspective.” 


I am starting to notice that this is exactly what a mindfulness class, a counselling session, or even a yoga class provide. A space and time to step back, reflect and let thoughts and emotions percolate and come to the surface. In this process, usually the answers, the insights, the wisdom, comes. Often it’s not more knowledge that we need, we just need the space to put it out there, or let it come up in a place of non-judgemental acceptance. From this arises clarity.


“We already know who we are and we already know what we want.”

Lao Tzu

This past weekend I took time out by myself to go to our cabin without wifi with the intention of getting work done and completing tasks. I had a feeling of a back-up, which often comes in the form of anxiety, that there were things that needed attention. There were indeed ‘things’, but not the things I had anticipated. I wrote, finished a first draft of a book, created new classes, and conjured up all kinds of ideas. NOT what I anticipated. However, if you have the feeling of a ‘back-up’, it can sometimes just need a little attention to stand back, get clarity and see what is trying to emerge. This does not have to be a weekend away, it can be a walk, sitting in silence, or talking it out with a friend. When we run away from feelings and emotions, usually they come up again until they are seen. Or, we spend precious time escaping them which can be exhausting!


The second most common reason I see people coming for counselling is to deal with these difficult emotions that keep rising. They can come in the form of anxiety, sadness, anger, hurt, and of course folks are coming to get rid of them because they don’t feel good. Often, just shining the light of awareness on them by acknowledging them and letting them be there can ease their power and make them feel less important. 


As a special gift for you today, I am including an 8 minute “Mindfulness of Emotions” audio meditation to support you in creating some awareness of what is rising for you. As you practice (who doesn’t have 8 minutes?) just be aware and kind to yourself. The point is not to push away the negative, but rather to embrace what is already there. In that process, it has the space to dissolve on it’s own. You might try it in the morning and then do checks in with yourself throughout the day. Every time you do, you make friends with whatever is there, and can use it as your guide, but more on that another time.


Enjoy pressing the ‘pause’ button, by taking time out, or taking time in with this recording.




With love,





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