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Moving Through the Stuck Places

You were never meant to get it right.

Like there is a right to get.

You are created to be here, to live and breathe here, to love and be loved, to suffer and experience joy.

And to let go of all you have learned that you should be.

What would it be like to move through these states, embracing one, letting the last one go?

Imagine yourself as a clear vessel, with waves of experience moving through you. 

Like nature, things come and go.

Life is created, shows it beauty, and then it dies and composts into another form of life. 

This IS you.

But yes, as humans we get stuck.

Mostly in our heads, in our beliefs and what we should and shouldn’t be doing, thinking and feeling.

Oh yes, we can be so hard on ourselves. 

I did it again!

Why do I keep doing that!

I can’t believe I’m still stuck here.

I should be farther ahead, better, healthier, stronger, smarter…nicer.

Well, all those things are possible, but unless you let go of the shoulds that have been imprinted on you from outside, and connect with your true self, your true soul’s desires first…

you will always be barking up the tree of struggle.

When we are in a state of struggle, we disconnect from who we truly are. We are in fight-flight-freeze-fawn mode.

And it’s exhausting. 

For me, I want to continually come back to being as clear as I can. To move and create in a flow that feels good to me, noticing where I get stuck, fall back, and get aligned again. 

It’s a continual process, never done, never perfect. 

I want to create more than I consume. And I want to work in my own zone of genius. 

I want you to become a clear vessel, free of confusion and indecision, shame and guilt.

Your zone of genius is where you feel most alive, where time slows down and you are tapping into your own source of creativity. 

This is when you know the work you are meant to do here, and it is the most helpful work to others because it is soul-aligned.

It might be creating delicious meals, or making a magical home, gardening, writing, skiing, gathering people, running…

it doesn’t always equate with a job, a paid gig or a career, but it brings you alive. 

This is why I create courses. 

I love them. I am in love with 2 courses right now.

The first is my Sacred Rage Salons.  The research is SO clear, yet we don’t focus on the emotion of anger in healthcare. Why? 

See what women are saying about them below and stay tuned for my next one. 

I am totally in love with my upcoming course The Quantum Empath. Why?

I truly feel that women have been relegated away for being too sensitive, yet, this means intuitive, creative, attuned (kind of important!), often have hidden psychic abilities, and care deeply about others and the world.

This is the imbalance we are lacking in this world.. right?

So let’s take it back. In ourselves, in our own lives and families. 

But we have to move through the stuck places first, and my genius is seeing and moving through patterns of over-giving, burnout, worry and stuck emotional places. 

If you step into The Quantum Empath, you’ll find yourself on a path that leads out of the confusion, fear, overwhelm, and despair you may have felt in trying to create a life of joy. 

It is an immersion into the tools and practices I have used to get myself out of burnout and people-pleasing and step into power (and even into kick-boxing, but more on that another time). 

Here’s the link for more info.

Early bird pricing goes up in 5 days and it won’t go for this price again. 

We begin Oct. 31st and you will have lifetime access to these lessons. Use them and you will have a very different 2024.

I’m excited! 

To your aliveness, 

Madeleine xoxo

Here’s what I’m hearing about Sacred Rage Salons (I think I’m onto something):

“I feel more empowered to take action” Pat S.

“What surprised me is that I feel more joy” Marjorie P.

“It wasn’t as hard or scary as I was taught to believe” Janis W.

“I want access to more of this feeling, I think I have had a breakthrough” Chronic Pain Pt.

Thank you all for your feedback. 

You are doing important work.

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