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Life is Patiently Waiting… This Changes Everything

This will turn everything that you have been taught on it’s head. 

I want to tell you about THE most important step that often gets bypassed, that we completely overlook as valuable, and most often leads to all our problems and dissatisfaction. 

It is the act of receiving. Not just gifts, attention or people. Receiving yourself. 

What if we asked: “What am I open to receiving today?” (kind of an unknown answer) instead of “what am I doing or getting today?”. 

What is wanting to be known through me?

It is here that we step into a different part of the brain, the feminine receiving part (men and women) that we have so often been trained out of, but we knew this as children.

Eyes wide open to the butterfly, the sunset, the tears, anger and elation at a surprise. 

What are you receiving?

What is wanting to be seen through you?

This is where all art, all creation, emotions and abundance come from. 

If we receive them.

You cannot receive all you are striving for if you don’t receive.

It’s not where you are or who you are with.

I have been many places and not received the beauty around me. 

And I have been in my daily life and received all the miracles surrounding me. 

Our hearts are aching, and we think we are aching to “get it right”, to fix ourselves or the world, to connect with people, to be healthy or make money. 

But our hearts are actually aching to love. To receive is to love and be loved by ourselves.

The mind won’t like this and will try to figure it out, but it goes way beyond the mind. 

When you receive a hurt, a sadness or a joy, do you run to tell another, post it, or comment/evaluate it? 

Or can you let it sink into the deep receiving bones of your body and allow it to sit, feel, reveal and be loved?

When you see a sunset, a flower, a tree, an insect, can you see it with a child’s eyes beyond the label it has been given?

This is life. 

Waiting to be received by you. 

Wanting to be seen by you. 

The angry parts of you, the hurt and sad parts. They want to be received too. 

The people around you grow when they are seen and loved. It begins with you seeing and receiving yourself even in the midst of chaos.

That’s all. 

Every stress, pain, situation, and challenge is an opportunity to love more fiercely, more fully, more freely. 

Love is not limited. You are an infinite source of love. 

Start sitting in receiving and watch the magic happen.

Thank you for receiving this.

With love,


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