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For When You Feel Stuck and Worried…. Again!

First of all, this is what I do when I feel stuck, or blocked. Yup, that’s about it.

Ok, now let’s dive in…..

Good morning everyone, 

I am down in Vancouver on a road trip to see the World Cup Rugby Sevens. Yes, it seems unlikely for me, considering none of my boys are with me this time. I love watching rugby. I was lucky enough to be introduced to it by my kids and love the action, the speed, the teamwork and comraderie even between teams in high-stakes finals! And now with women’s rugby, it’s stepped up a notch 🙂

Ok, so on road trips I think. I listen and my mind thinks and creates. 

Here’s what came up. I work with women mainly in transitions. These times of passage are often a natural letting go of the old. But humans don’t like the unknown, uncertainty do we? 

This is an OLD program that told you you have to know what you’re doing. Really? 

Truth is, no-one knows what they’re doing. Really. We are here experiencing, trying things out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 

But we get stuck in this old belief and we halt our own evolution.

So…if you feel stuck, restless, but not sure what to do.

I invite you to do the opposite. Allow yourself to be there. Don’t fight yourself in the potato sack.

We fix, we micro-manage and control, so we can feel better.

When something much bigger is trying to emerge, rather than patching up the old:

First, recognize that you are in a passage. Say it out loud. It’s just the mind that wants you to hold it together.

Now, breathe in the tunnel. Look around. What is here now? Right now, what small step can I take?

Maybe walk, breathe, visit a friend, but make sure it is something for you.

This is a moment of rebirth. Let the old fall apart. It’s killing you to hold it together.

Don’t listen to the mind, that’s old programming,

Breathe and be in the crack, in the void, the transition, Take time to be still in the void, don’t rush.

Emotions are trying to rise, if you will let them this time. This is your expansion.

Think bigger, bigger than your problems. Something new is coming from inside you if you allow it.

Something much bigger than the old.

This is the process of rebirth.

If you feel stuck, in the unknown, in a midlife crisis, Message me and we’ll turn it into a midlife awakening.

That’s what I do.

Or make sure to register for my upcoming free workshop:

When: Feb 28, 2024 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Topic: 3 Keys to Break Through Fear and Expand to Your Full Power at Midlife

Register in advance for this webinar:…/reg…/WN_qvBpof58QoCwv60NjAdDTQ

 Hope to see you!



ps. If you want to hear my road trip thoughts and some hard truths watch this:

pps. Rebirth happens from the inside out. Join the next Rebirth and Expansion Breathwork journey to get the mind out of the way:

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