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Finding Your Aliveness at Midlife: Key #2

In my first post about awakening your aliveness at midlife I shared how you have never been done before in your own unique way, so you won’t find yourself out there.

But you will find images that reflect you and light up something inside you. Follow that.

But you might wonder why I started this post with an image of a dark, mossy bog.  

If you come closer, listen carefully, take in the smells and tastes and touch the dark, fertile soil, you will begin to see the infinite life that exists here. 

Bogs are often overlooked as “not pretty” or “not useful”. In other words, to the visible eye there is nothing that we can extract, build or make out of it for a certain gain or profit. 

This insanity has been running our lives based on appearances and what qualities are deemed valuable. Perhaps you have felt you are not pretty enough, smart enough, useful enough, fit enough. But we ask at midlife, who made these rules about what is useful or valuable? 

You are not here to be contorted, consumed or evaluated. You are here to create.

Here is secret #2. Everything you are, you feel, you create, lies in the beautiful deep, dark fertile depths of your womb. Your centre of birth and rebirth. The centre of all creation and is aligned with the womb of mother nature. 

This is true whether you have a physical womb or not, or whether you have given birth to a child or not. 

You have, deep inside you, a core of seeds, of creative ideas and passion far beyond what your mind could imagine. 

I never imagined my children, they were birthed through me. I never imagined my life, it was birthed through me. 

But I also want to add that there are also deep emotions held there as well that likely sit inside a belly told to “sit still, be flat, don’t cry or laugh too loud, conform, don’t let it out” for fear of rejection or disapproval. 

This is the gate to open, even just a crack, by breathing a little deeper into your beautiful belly, your womb space, and letting it be by loving it for holding everything so tightly for you up until now. 

Embracing ALL of what you feel is a key to unlocking your aliveness. Bogs are chock full of biodiversity. Everything is needed to support the whole of life. 

You are full of emotional diversity. Every emotion is there to be felt and released. 

Grief and anger are the midwives of your rebirth.

Where can you allow yourself to let go a little more. In your exhale? By holding your womb space tenderly? By allowing yourself to feel, journal, walk and just be?

This is one of the core steps we take in uncovering our aliveness at midlife. 

Discover where you are not, or can’t breathe fully in your life. is that a part to embrace, or let go of?

Thank you for being here on this miraculous journey with me.

To your aliveness, 


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