Madeleine Eames

- Psychotherapist
- Mindfulness Teacher

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Are you in the habit of being triggered? How is that going for you?

If you are a woman who feels constantly in reaction to others, to your thoughts, to the world,

Your body probably feels uneasy and tense, and your breath is either shallow or holding.

You are not alone. 

For millennia, everything in this world sets us up to disconnect from our true selves,

From our creative source, our soul.

We are held captive by our triggers.

Constantly in reaction, avoiding, escaping, trying, people-pleasing, numbing.

How much time do you spend there?

Worrying, blaming, being busy, thinking about what you should do,

Just because right here, right now, in your body you are anxious and feel triggered.

Do you see the power they have over you even when you are alone and nothing is there?

What would happen if there was nothing to escape from, nothing about others to control?

How much energy and space would be freed up in your body and your life?

All the ways we have learned to escape,

Feed the trigger.

All the ways we try to get control, manipulate and seethe,

Feed the trigger.

You cannot move far away enough because they will find you where ever you are.

The thing is, the trigger is like an annoying fly and you are forever moving your attention from the space the size of the sky,

To a fly.

Your soul is the sky, your trigger is the fly.

The more you chase it to swat it, the more you forget yourself,

and the fly will call 10 friends to join it.

Your triggers are a doorway to expand to a vast, spacious you.

This is the work of a lifetime. To open up to the life you have probably never known.

A feeling of freedom that might come in glimpses, to an ever-widening knowing

Of who you truly are.

What if you had no ability to control?

If you are in danger, move out of the way.

Otherwise, breathe, don’t freeze.

Breathe through to breakthrough.

You might as well stop running, turn around and look at it. You will see how small it is compared to how big it feels.  And this pattern is keeping you from your greatness, your own peace and freedom.

Open to what is trying to be seen and felt inside of you.

Helplessness, tears,

Fear, irritation, sadness, grief, worry..

Your inner child.

Let it all come. Because it is not you. You are the one who is opening to hold it lovingly.

When it has been truly felt and seen,

You have let the Universe do surgery on an old pattern that was ready to be removed. 

Because you are the powerful and healing space that can hold all triggers.

THEN act, if it is called for. Move away, speak up, move toward, unfriend, whatever feels right because now you have healed it. 

Most people do this the wrong way around. They do the action, but the trigger then arises somewhere or with someone else in their life. 

Because it is IN YOU. It’s not out there. And it has not been seen and healed.

THIS is what we are doing in my breathwork journeys.

It’s insanely powerful if you allow it.

Here’s the link to the next one:

Because guess what… You cannot orchestrate your own breakthroughs with your 5% conscious mind. Let your breath, your body, your 95% subconscious, do it for you.  The Universe has bigger plans for you than reacting to a fly.  

Keep breathing, 



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