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- Mindfulness Teacher

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Are you a woman who is ready for real change?

Are you a deeply caring woman who wants others to be happy but at the expense of yourself?

You’re the one in your workplace or family that people go to talk, organize and take care of things.

You feel and take on the emotions of others.  It’s overwhelming, and difficult to set boundaries.

You may take things personally and go over and over hurts of the past.

Perhaps you feel guilty for taking some time out for yourself this season.

Maybe you are resentful of others’ needs.

Or you are exhausted from losing yourself in the needs of others.

You have high expectations but often feel let down and unappreciated.

You are at a point of no return… and ready for a deep transformation.

The lessons we learned in the first half of life don’t always serve us in the second half.

It’s time to re-make your life. To a life that you love…

  • To waking up excited and clear on your priorities.

  • To giving in a deeper, more meaningful way.

  • To awareness of your tipping point and speaking up easily, and

  • To feeling complete at the end of the day knowing you did your best.

What if:

You could show up to work feeling clear, energized and ready…

Knowing when to say no and say it easily..

Feeling excited to serve with a sense of purpose…

And best of all, giving from a full cup again with that love that started it all…

I know this new reality is possible because I’ve been in the pain you are experiencing and found the pathway out.. 

I also couldn’t keep up with the needs of people at work and found it difficult to say ‘no’.

I took on everything and ended up feeling like nothing.

I felt like I had nothing left to give and even felt guilty about that.

I was living in the myth of being busy and I took pride in it.
As a deeply empathic person, I was a giver. But then…
I felt like I had nothing left to give, and my family felt it too.
Until I discovered a path out of the darkness,
And never looked back.

This is why I now help deeply feeling empathic women who are depleted and burned out from giving to others, find their fire again and finally serve others from a full cup.

That is why I wake up every day and devote myself to helping sensitive women like myself, who have given to the point of depletion at work or with family.

That is my fire. That is my strength.

Like my client Brenda. Brenda was an accomplished professional who ran a small company efficiently and successfully. She was seen as competent and respected in her community. Her friends and family relied on her to be there for them. She helped employees who were unhappy and negative, as she was seen as a positive, nice person and she felt the effects of a somewhat toxic work environment deeply.

She felt more and more unable to keep a smile on her face and felt disconnected from herself and others. There was an inner voice inside her that was getting louder. But she was ignoring it. Until she couldn’t anymore.

Then it all crashed. She woke up one morning and simply could not get out of bed. Her body was more than depleted, it was achy, painful and would not move. Unworthiness was setting in…

She felt like something had broken inside her.

She had been doing too much for others, for too long.

She had been people-pleasing at work and home and even for people who were downright nasty to her. 

Her body had rebelled and said ‘no more’.

The point of no return.

It was scary to move forward as the path wasn’t clear. She didn’t know who she was anymore and her family didn’t know how to help her.

There were 3 key phases I took Brenda through to rebuild her health and her life. We worked together to uncover the keys to reprogram, rewire and strengthen her nervous system and light her flame again.

It took time but now Brenda has energy, the sparkle in her eye is back, and her body is strong and healthy. She had to rebuild herself again from the ground up. Her True Self.

But best of all, Brenda now gives to her circle from a full cup. She has found a bigger purpose that she throws herself into with gusto and passion and also receives so much more back in energy, excitement and satisfaction from knowing she is doing what she loves. And guess what, her kids and husband are amazed at her and benefit from her example

If this touches you and your journey up to this point in any way, I want to tell you there is a path forward for you.

There is a way to restore your gifts, your strength and your energy, without guilt.

If you are not thriving, loving your life and serving from a place of overflow, and you are looking for a path forward as a caring, deeply sensitive woman, reach out to me.

Hit reply and let’s get on a free guidance call and unpack what you are going through and I can guide you in the right direction whether it is working with me, or so many other available options.

Make 2020 the year you find yourself and your fire again, like Brenda did.

It’s time.
The world needs you.

Make 2020 the year you shine.



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