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Anger is Valuable, Hate is Hate: Know the Difference

Anytime you feel uneasy, you can’t breathe, you are tight and anxious, worried… breathe into your belly and get curious.. what emotion am I feeling?  This IS the healing.

Lately, I have been working with many people around the energy of anger, usually either to safely feel and release suppressed, buried anger, or to calm and get to the root of explosive rage. It’s such important root work, and tremendously healing. 

Anger has to be one of the most bypassed emotions we have.. bypassed in it’s pure form, so it becomes distorted, morphed into destruction and separation.

Although we have many beliefs and misconceptions around anger, it seems to me that we are accustomed to hate. You just have to look at conflicts, wars, politics and individual and group dynamics to see the separation of hate, or milder forms of violence in othering.

We can’t see that hate is fuelled by anger and likely a cesspool of fear and other emotions, translated into a belief about someone or a group of humans that separates us. Us and them.

Anger is a catalyst. Hate is destructive and only ever fuels more hate. 

We create beliefs of blame and label people when we can’t, or won’t, feel and process our own emotions. 

They did this. They are idiots. I hate them. Can you feel the poison in these statements?

Forgiveness never means you are ok with what happened. You don’t even have to forgive. But you do need to be able to feel what you feel so that your body and mind are not harmed by your own anger. 

It is possible to listen to anger and where it is pointing you towards injustice or protection, or to drain out the swamp of anger and other emotions that cause distress and dis-ease in the body and world.

Dr. Edith Eger, holocaust survivor and psychologist, says it well: “In Hungary we say don’t inhale your anger to your breast. It can be harmful to hold onto feelings and keep them locked inside.”

Anger is an emotion that comes and goes, and has value. Hate is a distortion and a bypass of yourself. 

Don’t do it. Turn any thoughts of hate towards what is underneath. It will never work for you or anyone else.

Breathe and feel. Inhale the energy and exhale it out. Your inner self will thank you. 

This is a core process in The Expansion Blueprint  starting Tuesday. Stored emotions constrict you in every part of your life: love, health, money and wealth, relationships, success. Every part.

But mostly they prevent you from being the fullest expression of yourself. And that’s the real loss. 

Having the tools to move through will can bring you freedom, ease and expansion NOW. Not at some distant point in the future. Isn’t this what the world needs now?

* Hit reply if you are wondering if The Expansion Blueprint is for you. I’m here to answer questions. 

* I have also just opened a few limited spots for 30-min. deep breathwork/womb healing sessions for $44. They are for everyone. Allow an hour to process and integrate: Book here. 

My purpose here is to help you expand beyond limited beliefs and I honestly can’t wait to see you feel and heal and be real.


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