Transformational Counselling 


I am really excited to be able to provide counselling that seeks to help you transform your life, your beliefs and feelings and therefore your behaviour. 

If you are looking for a safe, confidential and convenient way to get assistance with anxiety or other life issue, or support to set up your own mindfulness meditation or breathwork practice, then this might be for you.

I have over 25 years of counselling experience in mental health where I specialized in trauma, anxiety and depression. I have used many approaches, but now I assist people with a combination of mind and body tools to address difficult emotions, anxiety and life stress.

Presently, I am offering 1 or 1.5 and also intensive 2.5 hour sessions that address the present situation and symptoms you are experiencing and also some of the root causes and beliefs. Regular one hour sessions are also available.

You can expect a range of approaches and tools such as psychotherapy, breathwork, trauma work such as EMDR and yoga therapy, depending on your wants and needs. Everyone is different.


A longer session allows us time to dig deep and approach a problem from different angles and I will give you tools to practise in your everyday life to continue your growth and progress. 


Sessions are $250 (25% off my regular hourly fee of $120/hr). If this is of interest to you or if you have further questions please call me at 250-833-6652.



To pay online go here:

I look forward to connecting with you!