Embodiment Coaching

You’ve tried changing your thoughts,

You may practice mindfulness,

But you continue to get stuck in the same cycles of overwhelm, can’t set clear boundaries, feeling small and not-good-enough.

It can be such a contracted, scary place to be… and to live.

Find your true power with embodiment. I can help you to move and shift your body out of stuck patterns, stress, a half-breathing, half-living life. The truth is, our underlying subconscious emotions, patterns and trauma live in our body. In our muscles, our skin, our bones and our breath.

The good news is that when you start to become embodied, your body becomes a place of safety, of refuge.

In truth, it’s the only place that is.

The home that you live in, wherever you go, is your body.

Come home today. Let’s schedule a free 30 minute conversation to see if embodiment coaching is for you.

Email me today: info@mindfullivingnow.com


Become Embodied.. it will suit you!