Learning to breathe more fully and deeply is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your physical and emotional health. The breath heals, and returns us to the present moment, to what is important in your life.

The Breathe Shop is here to help you find ways to pause throughout your busy life.

From Fear To Freedom: 5-Week Online Course in Mindfulness for Anxiety

This mindfulness based course includes everything you need to know to overcome anxiety.  You will receive 5 pre-recorded video classes, 20 mindfulness meditation practices, and supporting pdf’s, plus have access to an exclusive facebook group where you can share  and receive support.

Mindful Breathing Book

Find your perfect breathing practice for that to fits you and your body’s needs. Feel more relaxed and in the moment so your true self can shine through. 

Get the book on Amazon in print or for your kindle.

Mindful Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser Locket

This locket is the perfect reminder to pause, breathe, connect with your heart and come into the present moment. 

The lotus is my logo as it is a beautiful flower on a long stem, rising up high above the muddy waters where it lives.  It symbolizes purity and ascension and the ability to rise above and beyond the suffering of life.

Drop a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the felt pad and insert it. Voila, you can touch, see, feel and smell this small reminder of who you truly are. 

30″ stainless steel chain and locket

Comes with a pack full of extra felt pads of different colours.

**Price includes shipping

Recommended Oils For Anxiety

These are some of my favourite oils for stress and anxiety.  Put a few drops in your lotus necklace or in a diffuser. 



Ylang Ylang


The Yoga Kit

The Breathe Blend

Citrus Bliss