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About Yoga: Yoga can be an exercise, a way to relax and find peace, or a moving meditation, depending on your intention. I stumbled upon yoga accidentally while travelling in India in 1988 and my practice has changed over the years depending on my intention, but it remains a never-ending, ever-evolving journey that can take you many places.

Since that time I have sought out yoga where ever I travel in the world and incorporate it into my daily life, enjoying the many gifts of peace, ease and challenge that it brings.

As a therapist, I began to bring yoga practices of simple breathing techniques and relaxation poses in to the therapy room and guess what I found? People got better faster and had more tools for dealing with stress and anxiety.

Yoga means “to yoke, unite” our body and mind. Certainly people report being more calm and relaxed in body and mind after a yoga class, and research shows more and more that being in tune with your body and getting your brain “online” with your body in the present moment can bring peace, clarity and healing.

This led me to take many workshops and finally my 500 hour yoga teacher training with SOYA (South Okanagan Yoga Academy). I love to teach yoga when I can and hit the mat to explore new possibilities. More recently I have been trained in Pain Care Yoga and I am excited to help people with persistent pain learn to move safely again.

In my workshops I combine the ancient practices of yoga with modern neuroscience and psychotherapy.. a perfect match… to bring ways of opening up, letting go, being present, and having fun!

Don’t wait to BE flexible before going to a yoga class. It won’t happen. Yoga is most beneficial to people who are not so flexible. Find a class and teacher that fit for you. If you are breathing, you can do yoga. Breathing is the basis of YOGA!!

Keep your eyes open for upcoming workshops….