The Gift of Mindfulness

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This time of year seems to be a busy time. There are many time-management tools to use to manage time such as planning, scheduling, getting up early and prioritizing. But how do we step away from simply ‘managing our time’ as a full-time job. We’re so busy managing our busyness, it makes me dizzy. What about being IN our time, right now, instead of handling it and tackling it like a run away train? Time is man-made, by the way 😉

Yesterday I was really caught up in a list that needed to get done and I felt the physical tension rise as soon as I woke up. I tried to move about leisurely, but some days you just gotta do, and quick! As I scurried around town with a furrowed brow, I noticed what I was doing and I paused. I suddenly slowed down, took a deep breath and looked up. I saw the sky and felt myself sink into my body as I walked. No, I thought. I’m not doing this. I’m not whisking this day away as fast as possible without being in it. I knew there was another way.

In that moment, I felt so grateful for my mindfulness practice. I really did.

I’m no smarter or better than anyone else, we can all have this, I thought. The sad thing  I realized is that most of the world lives there, in scurry mode. I smiled, I chatted with the lady at the bank. I was grateful for the incredible privilege of going to the grocery store. I saw the sun peek out. I went to visit someone who was struggling and was able to offer some support. Many years ago I would not have been aware that there was another way to live. One that brings peace in every moment when we remember.

Mindfulness is a game-changer. It doesn’t bring on super-happiness, or super-spiritualness, it just allows you to be there, simply… and it’s good.


Doing this moment by moment, we create a beautiful life and more peace in the world.  This moment is a gift from the Universe. Embrace it, bask in the joy of it, and let everything else go.”

Paula Vital, Live the Present


If you crave a glimpse of a life beyond busy and beyond anxiety, please join me in my upcoming class this fall:


Hope to see you there,




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  1. Irene Thompson
    | Reply

    Iam really lookimg foward to this class Sad that will miss the first class

    • Madeleine Eames
      | Reply

      Irene, no worries, glad to have you join us.

  2. Bonnie Hunt
    | Reply

    Hi Madeleine: Just wondering when the Mindfulness class at Askews is due to start. Thanks, Bonnie Hunt

    • Madeleine Eames
      | Reply

      Great question Bonnie! I am figuring out my fall schedule and will likely decide this week. I will let you know… miss you guys!

  3. Mariki
    | Reply

    Hi Madeleine,
    Thank you for sending this excellent article!
    Good luck on your Mindfulness Course.

    Happy breathing!
    Mariki Smith

    • Madeleine Eames
      | Reply

      Thanks Mariki! I will be in touch soon…

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