I have seen Madeleine as a teacher and as a client. She gives you space to talk and breathe and sort out your ‘problems’ in such a kind way, just by listening. I will be forever grateful.

Just listening…

“EMDR and mindfulness/relaxation helped me with the cause of my chronic pain and I still use the tools today. Madeleine taught me how to breathe and now I know I can breathe through anything.” E.R.,¬†Salmon Arm, BC

Now I know I can breathe through anything

I can’t say enough about Madeleine, other than she changed my life and gave me a new way of looking at things that were happening in my life and I am very grateful.

M.R., Sorrento BC


Madeleine Eames is an amazing facilitator of self compassion…this will be fabulous, I am certain of that! She has a gentle, giving spirit that offers you a way to walk your path with a love & acceptance that paves a much smoother road to yourself

A. Kirchner, Salmon Arm, BC

An amazing facilitator..

“As my therapist, Madeleine took the time to listen and get to the root of my problem. One statement she made changed my life.


One statement she made changed my life.