The surprising thing about mindfulness you never expected: Spoiler alert!

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Mindful Holiday Challenge is coming soon!  Because, as they say “If you think you’re enlightened, spend a week with your family” Eckhart Tolle Breathe to Heal: Tonight (Monday) 8-9pm at Kula Wellness. 3 more classes! $15: Come & breathe & relax tension.  Last news: I am delighted to be asked to be a guest on the ‘Come Up Podcast’ on Dec. 4th.  … Read More

The Power of Mindful Holidays

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  Hello Everyone,   It may seem a little early but the question ‘What are you doing for Christmas?’ has been surfacing lately as the holidays approach and we anticipate the upcoming season. The answer, however, is different for everyone and is fueled with many things depending on the person. For some, it is a welcome time of rest, fun, … Read More

I’m having an affair… with the truth

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Got your attention? Yes that’s right. I’m having a full-on, delicious affair… with the Truth.   Not as enticing as you were hoping? Wait.. don’t go away yet. It just might be as good. Last week I had a complete moment of truth where I could see a pattern clearly that was evolving right before my eyes. I addressed, and … Read More

Does your mind chatter?

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  I often talk about the incessant chatter of the mind in our mindfulness classes. I recalled one morning when I awoke, but before even opening my eyes to the day, I noticed a dialogue running in my mind that seemed to come out of nowhere. I kept my eyes closed and listened. Basically, it was telling me all the … Read More

End inner conflict

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  “Mr. Duffy lived a short distance from his body.” James Joyce, A Painful Case In ‘A Painful Case’ Joyce goes on to describe the consequences of living a short distance outside the body and my epiphany is that this is a perfect description of how many people live their lives. By being disconnected from their bodies it also assumes … Read More

How not to leak energy like Donald Trump

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  I love that quote. I see us all on the earth busying ourselves like ants on an anthill, scurrying around toward some perceived end that never arrives. It sometimes feels like that doesn’t it? It’s no wonder at the end of our lives people wished they had slowed down and savoured the journey.  First of all big news!! My … Read More

Your Basic Goodness

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  Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!  Whether you feel thankful or not is not dependent on where you are, what you have, or who you are with. It is a perspective.  How do you choose to see the world when you wake up? Is it a place to be conquered, mastered, or protected from? Is it a big, scary monster? Is it … Read More

The smallest shift for the biggest change….

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I went to a gentle yoga class the other day thinking it would be good to stretch, slow down and breathe. What I got was much less, and much, much more. As we climbed in and out of postures, the pace was slow… much slower than I had anticipated. When I realized this, I had 2 choices: complain to myself … Read More

Breathing as therapy?

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    “Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?” Mary Oliver I gave a talk recently on writing as remembering. Not writing memoir or historical remembering, but as an act of remembering who we truly are before the world told us who to be. Do you remember being a child and being lost in an activity? … Read More

Where do you get hooked?

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  You know where you get hooked. It’s the neighbour, the friend, the co-worker, the pain, the childhood story, the…… on and on. You know already. For me, it was when one of my kids called me on something in myself that was totally true! Anxiety? Defensiveness? Anger?  = Hooked.   What causes you pain or anxiety?  And what is … Read More

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