What are we really doing?

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“Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.” John Lennon   I have had a lot of conversations with people over the course of my career. People that are facing burn-out, depression, anxiety and physical pain and illness. We usually trace it back to the source of the discomfort and find tools to process, manage and restore greater … Read More

Mindfulness as Seeing the Truth

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  I packed up my youngest boy into the car to get him to school this morning. He had been scurrying around trying to find his shoes in a panic not to be late.  Finally he jumped in the car. “Where were they?” I asked. He smiled sheepishly. “Where they always are. I just didn’t see them.”   Boom. These … Read More

What is the purpose of mindfulness?

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  You might have a quick answer to this question…what is the purpose of mindfulness? Perhaps it’s more peace, less stress, less anxiety, more focus and concentration.   For sure they are all true and important. Mindfulness is a great way to have less stress, less negative thinking and more peace through being present to this moment. But I think … Read More

Letting Go

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True emotional freedom comes only when we let go of resistance to what is in this moment. This is easier to do when life is peaceful, quiet and going the way you want it to. The challenge really arises when we are faced with change and adversity, however big or small. It could be a delayed flight, losing something, or … Read More

Are you becoming what you despise?

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Photo by Sander Wehkamp on Unsplash Are you becoming what you despise?  Before you protest loudly and close the page, thinking she’s finally gone off her rocker, bear with me. I used to be an advocate for social justice issues, railing against injustice and pouring outcry about all sorts of issues. And sometimes it worked. But at what cost? I fought anger with … Read More

One of the biggest traps of mindfulness…

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  You may have felt the benefits of mindfulness, a pause, a break, a sense of control, reduced anxiety or stress.. the list is endless. But what about when it makes us feel worse? What’s happening there? First, there’s nothing wrong with you. You are not the exception, the anomaly for who mindfulness won’t work for. This is really normal, … Read More

Please approach what you are avoiding

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Avoidance doesn’t make the problem go away. It relegates it to the dark corners of our mind where it continues to grow. I saw an email come in that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to. I knew it involved some work that I wasn’t ready for yet, either in time or, I felt, in my skills. It was out of … Read More

What are you not noticing?

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  I ran into a friend the other day who was off on a white water rafting trip. It wasn’t her first, she loves it. “I feel so alive, the cold water, the air, the rapids, so in the moment!” she said. I realized this was her mindfulness practice. Her place to feel fully present, alive, fresh and new.  Nothing … Read More

Waking Up with Mindfulness

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    The purpose of this mindfulness practice is to wake up in the world. But what exactly does that mean? Being aware of what is happening, as it is happening. Why is this so important? Because so much of our life is done on auto-pilot, that people find that when they slow down and become aware of the present … Read More

Personalized Mindfulness

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  Have you ever practiced mindfulness and found it difficult? Join the rest of the world.  Have you told yourself you’re just not cut out for this, or your mind is just too full to be mindful? I have found over time that there are many, many ways to practice becoming present to your life in this moment. There is … Read More

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