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BREATHE: Take a long, deep breath to pause and for greater awareness

BODY: Feel your body, where you are right now.

LOVE: What thoughts are you telling yourself that are getting between you and loving the present moment. Be here now.



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When things get confusing…

I usually send out a blog like clockwork on a Monday and have for a few years now. However, lately ...
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How do I love suffering?

One of my favourite transformative practices to teach is 'Breathe, Body, Love." It is a very powerful practice when coping ...
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Go small to go big, or FOMI

"The only place we can truly change anything is within ourselves. And as we change, the world outside us changes ...
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The Roots of Mindfulness

"People grow where they are loved."  Bob Goff Many people come to mindfulness as a reaction to a busy, fast-paced ...
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BREATHE TO HEAL: Sorry, no classes running at present. I’ll keep you posted!


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