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I have a vision for the world. As we become increasingly busy and distracted and detached from our true selves, there is a growing movement. One in which it becomes customary to slow down, breathe, make space in one’s life, examine our stories… and live from there. One in which we all understand the peace that only comes from living in the present moment.” ~ Madeleine Eames

Welcome to Mindful Living Now… the website of Mindbody Solutions designed to explore and offer you ways of being in your life more fully and deeply through mindfulness. Whether you are just beginning or you are a seasoned mindfulness practitioner, you might find something of interest.

Please come in and look around. We offer yoga and mindfulness workshops, counselling and products to support and enhance your mindfulness practice.

What do you get to do?

Every night, we lay aside our day as we welcome sleep and rest in a place beyond thoughts, tasks, doubts ...
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Press the Pause Button

Hello Mindful Tribe and here's to another week, So often these days in my office I hear words like: "I ...
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15 Brain Hacks you want to be doing

Hello There Beautiful Mindful Tribe! If you have been reading MLN for a while now you will know that I ...
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Start where ever you are

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." Chinese Proverb I ...
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Welcome to Fall! 2 things I know for sure…..

Hello Everyone and welcome to fall and back to school, at least for those of us in the western hemisphere ...
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How can I be happy?

Hello Dear Readers, A question that often comes up goes something like this: "How can I be happy when I ...
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Simple ways to deal with worry

The other day I was worried about something to do with one of my kids- they do that to you ...
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On Terrorism and Violence

In the face of the latest news in the world last week, I was compelled to launch a new facebook ...
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Using the subconscious mind to problem solve..

Summertime can be busy! As I said goodbye to our most recent visitors, my mind immediately perused it's latest to-do ...
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Mini breathing break

Here it is... a mini-meditation breathing break to refresh, renew and relax. Enjoy. Audio Recording 6 ...
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