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“I have a vision for the world.

As we become increasingly busy and distracted and detached from our true selves, there is a growing movement. One in which it becomes customary to slow down, breathe, make space in one’s life, examine our stories… and live from there. One in which we all understand the peace that only comes from living in the present moment.”

~ Madeleine Eames


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One Breath Together Global Meditation on New Year’s Day 2018

This New Year's Day we are shifting the planet together. Many people have had a difficult 2017, which is only ...
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Mindful Relationships

Hi Everyone, I'm really excited to bring you a couple of things. I was honoured to be interviewed on the ...
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What DON’T you have?

I'm sure as I ask that question your mind can quickly rattle off a trillion things you don't have but ...
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Find quality this season…

Are you rushing through your to-do list in a mad race to the finish line? Do you ever make it ...
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