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I have a vision for the world. As we become increasingly busy and distracted and detached from our true selves, there is a growing movement. One in which it becomes customary to slow down, breathe, make space in one’s life, examine our stories… and live from there. One in which we all understand the peace that only comes from living in the present moment.” ~ Madeleine Eames


Welcome to Mindful Living Now…  Please come in and look around. I offer yoga and mindfulness workshops and classes to help you find peace. 

The surprising thing about mindfulness you never expected: Spoiler alert!

Mindful Holiday Challenge is coming soon!  Because, as they say "If you think you're enlightened, spend a week with your family" ...
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The Power of Mindful Holidays

Hello Everyone, It may seem a little early but the question 'What are you doing for Christmas?' has been surfacing ...
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I’m having an affair… with the truth

Got your attention? Yes that's right. I'm having a full-on, delicious affair... with the Truth. Not as enticing as you ...
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Does your mind chatter?

I often talk about the incessant chatter of the mind in our mindfulness classes. I recalled one morning when I ...
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New Class! Come and breathe to start the week off right. To register Click Here. Please note there is NO class on November 6th.


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